“Rioja” and the “Spanish Embassy” will be holding a masterclass and tasting about Rioja, focusing on the last regulations approved by the control board and different wine styles.

Presented by

Pedro Jimenez  “Certified Rioja Wine Educator”

The tasting and masterclass are only open to Trade and Press.

If you would like to register, please use the link below

It will take place on the 13th June from 12pm to 13:30pm

VENUE: “Instituto Cervantes” Lincoln House, 6-16 Lincoln Pl, Dublin 2, D02 VH29

ASI APAS Contest of the Best Sommeliers of the Americas, Canada 2018


Press release

Closing an historic week for sommeliers of the Americas at the ASI & APAS Contest of the Best Sommelier of the Americas, Canada 2018

Pier-Alexis Soulière now focuses on
The Best Sommelier of the World contest 2019

Montreal, May 25 – The new best sommelier of the Americas, Mr. Pier-Alexis Soulière, said he is now focusing on The Best Sommelier of the World contest, Belgium 2019, after closing an intense week of competition with 19 other sommeliers from 10 countries representing the continent.

As the winner of  the ASI & APAS Contest of the Best Sommelier of the Americas, Canada 2018, Soulière qualified directly to the sommelier world’s most important competition. Soulière became the best sommelier of the Americas last Thursday after winning a dramatic final over Argentina’s Martin Bruno, who came in second, and Canada’s Carl Villeneuve Lepage, who took third place.

The results confirmed that Ms Valeria Gamper, from Argentina, finished number four, and became the best female sommelier of the continent. Regardless the tradition of female competitors winning the previous editions, this 2018 edition of the competition had only two women taking part. Misato Inaoka, representing Chile came in on the tenth position.

Behind Valeria Gamper, the other semi-finalists ranked in this order: Luis Antonio Morones Lopez, from Mexico, was fifth, Diego Arrebola, from Brazil, sixth, Joseph Ruiz Acosta, from Peru, seventh, and Steve Ayon Espitia, from Mexico eight.

At the gala dinner proceeding the announcement of the winner, Andres Rosberg president of ASI, talked about the future of sommellerie and the new generation of strong competitors with great skills and talent. At the end of his speech he presented the final ranking of the candidates:
4. Valeria Gamper, Argentina
5. Luis Antonio Morones Lopez, Mexico
6. Diego Arrebola, Brazil
7. Joseph Ruiz Acosta, Peru
8. Steva Ayon Espitia, Mexico
9. Federico de Moura, Uruguay
10. Misato Inaoka, Chile
11. Andres Villegas Green, Colombia
12. Paulo Limarque, Brazil
13. Pablo Rodriguez, Uruguay
14. Gonzalo Troncoso, Chile

The remaining participants were: Mr. Juan David Quintero from Colombia, Mr. Dario Rosario Mejía and Mr. Federico Díaz Macias from The Dominican Republic, Mr. Simon Zalimben and Mr. Christian Mezger from Paraguay and Mr. Diego Vásquez Luque from Peru.

After 3 days of competition most of the candidates and delegates accepted the invitation to attend a three-day trip to Nova Scotia with visits at various wineries, courtesy of CAPS partners. ASI is also grateful for all the help and support provided by its own partners. (see the list of partners below)

Upcoming events:
15thto 18thof October 2018 The Best Sommelier of Asia & Oceania is taking place in Kyoto. Japan has one of the world’s largest sommelier associations with more than 13.000 members.
10thto 15thof March 2019 The Best Sommelier of the World is due in Antwerp, Belgium. Preparations for the contest have already been on going for a year.
For any inquiry on media, please contact Liora Levi
For all other inquiries please contact Michèle Chantôme Aström

Official images

Social Networks
Facebook: @AssociationSommellerieInternationale
Instagram: @Sommellerie_ASI
Twitter: @Sommellerie_ASI


Official program



“Viu Manent – Masters of Colchagua”, Tasting, taking place this Thursday 24th May at 14.00hrs in Cavern Wine Bar on Baggot Street. Please see below the details of the tasting.





14.00hrs – 15.30hrs

About Viu Manent

Viu Manent is a Chilean winery owned by the Viu family. Viu Manent is the current Wines of Chile Winery of the Year, while in 2017 Decanter called them Chile’s Masters of Malbec with over 50 different clones. Viu Manent was founded in 1935 when the Catalonian immigrant Miguel Viu-García and his two sons Agustín and Miguel Viu-Manent founded Bodegas Viu in Santiago de Chile. They bottled and sold wine on the local market under the “Vinos Viu” brand.

In 1966 Miguel Viu Manent fulfilled his long-time dream of making his own wines when he acquired the Hacienda San Carlos de Cunaco in Colchagua. This traditional estate included 150 hectares of vineyards planted to noble, pre-phylloxera vines, as well as a winery and manor house. It was no coincidence that he chose this particular property; it had long supplied the much of the wine he sold as Vinos Viu.


The Viu Manent Philosophy

What exactly is one’s own? … ”That which identifies us and by which we can recognize ourselves.”

“ We love our property, our family and our traditions. We love our work, which we see as the motor that can propel us toward fulfilling our dreams. We believe in transcendence, in putting our heart into things and that the only way to do something is to do it to the best of our abilities. We have a strong bond with wine; we love its living essence and its sensitivity. We believe that Chile is a privileged territory for the production of wines and that Colchagua is a magical valley where the soil, climate and grapes seem to be blessed.”

–        We believe in attention to detail and in respecting the environment.

–        We believe that history and tradition provide us with knowledge and experience, while innovation and modernity help us to advance toward our goal.

–        We believe in teamwork and in the talented, professional and committed people who work with us.

–        We are committed to transmitting this philosophy into our daily mission.


We look forward to welcoming you to this great “Viu Manent – Masters of Colchagua”,  tasting and sharing some of Chile’s great wines with you.

Please RSVP to

Council Meeting

The next council meeting will be held at the Palace Bar, Fleet Street, Dublin on 15th May at 11am

ASI News, New Logo & Julie

07.05.2018 BY ASI
Best sommelier of Ireland in 2018 is Julie Dupouy Young

Julie has been in the wine business since 2003. She started working in France and shortly after moved to Ireland with a short stop in Belgium, Luxembourg and Scotland too.

Her education started with languages and French literature studies, but she decided to go to catering as she wanted to become a sommelier. Julie passed her “mention complementaire sommellerie” in 2003. Since then she has studied with the WSET and achieved Diploma in 2015 as well as WSET Level in Sake in 2017.

She has held the title of best sommelier of Ireland since 2009. Before competing in Ireland, she entered the Best Sommelier in France in 2008 and was one of the 12 semi-finalists.

Julie also competed at the World Championship in Tokyo and Mendoza and the European championship in San Remo and Vienna.

Her best international performance was at the World Sommelier Contest in Mendoza 2016, where she placed 3rd.

Her dream is to show to the world that a lady can be No1 in the world of sommellerie.

Her qualities as a sommelier are widely recognised and as a judge in some of the most prestigious wine events in the world, the Decanter Awards in London among others.

Today she is working as a sommelier in a Michelin-star restaurant called Chapter One in Dublin 1.

As Best Sommelier of Ireland in 2018, we asked her few questions, and here is her response:
Q1: You won the sommelier contest in Ireland in 2018. Did you expect it and how do you feel about it?

Julie: I am delighted to have won the title of Best Sommelier of Ireland again. You can’t ever expect to win a competition. You can be confident that you have done the work and that you have the potential to earn it, but you still need to be able to deliver your best on the day. Things went very well this time, and I am delighted with the result.

Q2: How do you think the title of Best Sommelier of Ireland will change your life?

Julie: I am incredibly proud to have won Best Sommelier, and hopefully this will give me the opportunity to work towards my ultimate goal and dream which would be the first woman to win the World title. This title would then allow me the platform to inspire other sommeliers, particularly women.

Q3: What is the status of sommeliers in Ireland? What can be improved?

Julie: Despite the fact that we do see a considerable amount of improvement regarding the wine culture in Ireland, there are not many sommeliers in the country. First of all, there is no official qualification delivered in the country to become a sommelier. I think it would be fantastic if we could see a sommelier certificate offered by the catering schools in Ireland. The WSET is very present, but the focus is on knowledge and not the service aspect of the job. A few people in the country now travel around Europe to attend the Court of Master Sommelier classes which shows that there is a growing interest and that people are willing to invest in their wine qualification, often taking time off on their holidays, but I believe that it should be available in the country.

Q4: You have a great knowledge about food and wine. What do you think you can do to promote your national beverages and gastronomy?

I absolutely love the food offering in Ireland lately. The standards of quality, especially when it comes to meat, dairy products, locally grown vegetables and sea food is outstanding and I do my best to spread the good word as much as I can on social media. I also have been invited to talk at “Food on the Edge” this coming October which is a great honour as ethical eating and food education is a topic which is very dear to me. Regarding beverages the offering of craft beers, gin and whisky has boomed in the last few years and I am always proud to bring some examples with me to different countries I go to introduce them to my colleagues and peers. In Chapter One Restaurant we also have by the glass the only Irish wine produced by Lusca and a strawberry wine produced by the Wicklow Way Wines, it gives an opportunity to the tourists visiting the restaurant to sample some local beverages and to the locals to discover some products they might not be familiar with.

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A S I – N E W S
May 2018
ASI presents new logo and monthly newsletter
by Andrés Rosberg

Welcome to our first issue

Please allow me to introduce our inaugural newsletter, which will be sent to you in the beginning of each month with the news of ASI, its national member associations, and, of course, its partners. We encourage you to resend it to the members of your association, and to share your news with us so we can tell the world about it!

ASI is now gearing up for its first continental competition of the year: the ASI & APAS Best Sommelier of the Americas contest, which will be held at the end of May in the fantastic city of Montreal, Canada, and will gather together the best two somms from eleven Pan American countries. This major event is a tremendous opportunity to increase the exposure of our global association and to improve the overall level of sommellerie throughout the Americas, and we will report about it in next month’s issue of #ASInews.

Also, after ten months of hard work of the new Board and Committees of ASI, we’re starting to reap what we have sown. There is more and more good news coming our way. Today we are honoured to unveil ASI’s new logo to the world, approved by the vast majority of our members, and praised by our partners! There is something intrinsically universal in the shape of a circle that perfectly symbolizes the very nature of ASI. From a practical standpoint, the circle is also an incredibly versatile form that ideally suits our needs!

Building on a rich history, ASI is evolving to meet the needs of both current and future generations. The new logo and newsletter are just two examples of how ASI envisions its future by creating opportunities for increased member and industry engagement, building international commitment to the profession, and expanding outreach to the sommellerie community. In other words, making our association stronger and more global than ever.

Enjoy reading and we look forward to having you with us on the journey!

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Meet Julie Dupouy

Tholins wine & food

Meet Julie Dupouy


On some of my trips as active in the Swedish sommelier association, I have had the privilege of meeting this talented and talented summer traveler who, with his goal awareness and sharpness, is a good example for many both in the competition scene and in everyday work. Since there is still a lot of male dominance in our profession, it is always nice to highlight talented and intelligent women like Julie.

Julie is born in the city of Agen, located in southwestern France, now living in Dublin since 2007. The reason she has chosen to settle there has to do with the Irish hospitality and the warmth she has met. Her sommelier education took her in the city of Nerac. After completing her studies, she moved to Ireland to work and study at WSET in London. Now she has acquired 15 years of experience in sommelier work around Europe.

Her contestants, she joined France in 2002 when she still went to school. The first success she had in 2008 in the French Championships where she went to the semifinal. After that, it became the World Cup in Tokyo 2013 where I met her for the first time. Today she is Irish Masters in Summer Celebration. In the major international competitions she has participated in EM 2013, 2017 and the 2013 and 2016 World Championships in Mendoza, she finished third.

On the question why she competes in summer celery she answers-I love challenging myself, when you compete, you must be able to perform great international knowledge in the competition scene as well. In order to do this you need to know yourself, know your strengths and weaknesses. You need to be prepared to work on them. International competitions can help you strengthen your profile while contributing to increasing your professional network. Unfortunately, there are still more men than women in international competitions.

Julie does not like being seen differently just because she is a woman and does not like questions like “Do you think women are better testers than men? “For she does not think that’s the case. Of course, men and women are different but she does not like being judged by gender. If you are better or worse, it depends on how much you have trained in relation to your fellow competitors, male as well as female. Generally, she thinks that women tend to be a little less self-confident than men and it seems that they have less self-confidence in industries traditionally dominated by men, which can be difficult in times of high performance requirements. So if she with her contestants can inspire and convince other female summerers that there is nothing to be afraid of and that everything is possible with hard work,

I also asked what the competition gave her? Then she answers – increased self-confidence and security. It has helped her to constantly improve herself and that there is still a lot of work left to do. It has also taught her to remain humble. With this, meetings have been encountered with amazing people, including those who have been her role models and inspirators as young sommelier. Many of her dreams have been realized thanks to the competition.

On my question about the three biggest passions in life, Julie – Vin answers.

Her hobbies are crossfit, golf and and of course cooking and hanging out with good friends along with something good to drink.

Do you want to visit Dublin and the restaurant that Julie is working on, go to Chapter 0ne with a star in Guide Michelin.

Julie Dupouy
3rd Best Sommelier in the World 2016 (ASI)
Best Sommelier in Ireland since 2009 (IGS)
WSET Diploma
m : 087 9130292
Twitter : @JulieDupouy1


White Hag Brewery Visit

A group from the Irish Guild of Sommeliers visited  the White Hag Brewery, Ballymote, Co. Sligo on 12th April. Thanks to Amy O’ Callaghan and Do the Brewer for giving the group a most informative tour of the brewery and an excellent tasting of a diverse range of craft beers.  

A presentation was made to Amy O’ Callaghan by Oliver J. Murtagh, President Irish Guild of Sommeliers on behalf of the visiting group.

Oliver thanked Amy O’ Callaghan most sincerely for organizing an excellent programme for the visit of  the group from the Irish Guild of Sommeliers to the White Hag Brewery, Ballymote, Co. Sligo.
“The brewer Do was most informative in explaining the production process and the different beers tasted. Overall it was very interesting to taste such a diverse range of craft beers to suit all palates.
Your hospitality and generous gift of beers for all was much appreciated.
I wish you and all connected with the brewery every success for the future”.
The White Hag Irish Brewing Company

The White Hag Irish Brewing Company is an award winning craft brewery from Sligo, Ireland. A young Irish team and a master brewer from Ohio, US,  exploded on the Irish brewing scene in 2014 with a huge range of unique beers. Over the past 4 years they have grown to have their beer available in good pubs, beer shops and hospitality across Ireland, the UK, Northern Ireland, France, Russia, Germany and Italy.

The White Hag has been voted Best New Irish Brewery 2015, Beoir Best Irish Brewery 2017 and best Irish beer 2017 by Global ratings platform Since commencing brewing in June ’14, they have had beers in the top 3 individual Irish beers of the year for 2015, 16 & 17.

So, whats with the name?

The White Hag is a mythical character and entity, who is essentially Mother Nature. The area of the north west and indeed Ireland is steeped in mythology and lore, with most place names and landscape features linked to characters and happenings from ancient times. The mythology of our area represents Ireland and Irishness like no other aspect of our culture, and we see it as a credible way to present our brand of brewing and beers. The main reason for our exact location of the brewery in Sligo is the water from Lough Talt, which is just the right PH balance for making great  beers. The lake itself is fed by streams from the 600 million year old Ox mountains.

Image result for Images of Ballymote

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HAGSTRAVAGANZA at The White Hag Brewery

Since we started the brewery in 2014, we have met some brilliant characters and brewery crews across world. It struck us that when two or more breweries get together the atmosphere turns into a collaborative, collective aspiration to work together in pursuit of endless possibilities.

We also noticed that the best events are run by breweries hosting other breweries, and we’ve wanted to create that type of event since we’ve started out. Our Second Birthday allowed us realise we could do it properly when 260 beer fans turned up at two weeks notice, to drink with us and our favourite breweries. Last year 23 of the best breweries we’ve met on our travels brought beers never poured in Ireland, and joined over 1000 punters in descending on Ballymote to create a magical festival, HAGSTRAVAGANZA. So we’re doing it again.

We are focusing on bringing sixteen breweries from ten countries leading the way in craft beer, pouring three beers each. We will also have a select crew of the best Irish Breweries pouring a unique beer each. Aside from breweries who we’ve done collaborations with, ALL of the breweries are new to HAGSTRAVAGANZA, and ALL of the beers have never been poured here before.

So, lets get you some tickets…

When: 28th July 2018, 2pm – 10pm

Where: The White Hag Brewery, Ballymote, Co Sligo.

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Wines of Argentina will be holding their 6th Argentine Wine Fair on Wednesday 11th April, 2018. 


The Embassy of the Argentine Republic  in Dublin, in association with Wines of Argentina will be holding their 6th Argentine Wine Fair on Wednesday 11th April, 2018.This year’s theme is “Malbec you know me and you don’t” – at the Dublin tasting a themed table will highlight the regionality and individual vineyard styles of Malbec available here.

The 2018 Argentine Trade Tasting will take place  in the Wellesley and Fitzgerald Rooms at the Merrion Hotel, Upper Merrion Street, Dublin 2 from 12:00 – 18:00.  Trade & Press only.

The 2018 Argentine Fair  is being jointly organised by Wines of Argentina and the Embassy of Argentina in Dublin. Contact:  Diego Sadofschi or  Andrés Guiñazú Embassy of Argentina  E:

RSVP   Jean Smullen
Telephone (086) 816 8468

Archway Lager

Archway Lager, an expert blend of 3 hops and 4 malts used to create a lager that’s exceptional in both substance and flavour.


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Guild Officers 2018/2019

Guild Officers 2018/2019
Oliver Murtagh President, Harriet Connolly Treasurer, Andrew O’ Gorman, Secretary, Seamus Murray Vice President Irish Guild of Sommeliers

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing

Best Sommelier of Ireland 2018 Julie Dupouy

Congratulations to Julie Dupouy on Winning the Irish Guild of Sommeliers Best Sommelier of Ireland Competition 2018 which took place today at the School of Culinary Arts & Food Technology, DIT Cathal Brugha Street Dublin

Julie Dupouy –Young has been crowned ‘Best Sommelier in Ireland’ by the Irish Guild of Sommeliers.

She is pictured with her trophy which was presented by Oliver Murtagh, President of the Irish Guild of Sommeliers. (Picture by James Robinson).
The French-born sommelier, who had just moved from the Greenhouse Restaurant to Chapter One, emerged winner in a day-long competition held at DIT Cathal Brugha Street.
She scored highest marks following a series of tests involving theory and practical work, in which sommeliers from some of Ireland’s leading hotels and restaurants also participated.
Tomasz Szczepanski , head sommelier at Shanahan’s Restaurant in Dublin was runner-up and Andrezej Dasiak sommelier at Hodson Bay Hotel, Athlone was placed third.
The prizes were presented by Oliver Murtagh, president of the Irish Guild of Sommeliers, who thanked wine sponsors Wines Direct, the management of DIT Cathal Brugha Street and the judges for their involvement in the competition. Photos by Jimmie Robinson


Mary O’ Callaghan, Council member and immediate Past President IGS, former Best Sommelier and International competitor

Attila Pecsi, Sommelier, General Manager, Fishbone Restaurant, Dublin

Anke Hartmann, Sommelier, Operations Manager, The Press Up Group of Hotels and Restaurants, Dublin

Judith Boyle, Lecturer Food and Wine, School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology, Dublin Institute of Technology

Frank Corr, Journalist, Editor, Author and founder of, Hon. Member IGS

Balazs Kiss, Sommelier, Hospitality Training Manager, Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin

Ian Brosnan, Sommelier, Wine Director, Ely Restaurants, Dublin

Competition subcommittee

Oliver J. Murtagh, President IGS, Tony Conlon immediate past Vice President IGS, Mike O’ Connor, Assistant Head of School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology, DIT, Seamus Murray, council member IGS, John Rigby, Past President IGS and council member IGS, Andrew O’ Gorman, Secretary IGS

Wines sponsored by Wines Direct

Photography by Jimmie Robinson



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The Best Sommelier of Ireland Competition 2018

Report by Andrew O’ Gorman, Secretary Irish Guild of Sommeliers

A day of intense competition took place at the Blue Room Restaurant, School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology, Dublin Institute of Technology, Cathal Brugha Street, Dublin on Wednesday 7th March competitors from prestigious establishments battled it out for the title of Irish Guild of Sommeliers Best Sommelier of Ireland title 2018.

A wide ranging questionnaire and written analysis of a red wine and a white wine were completed by all the candidates and from that emerged three finalists after a very close contest.

The three finalists were as follows: Julie Dupouy, Chapter One Restaurant, Dublin, Tomasz Szczepanski , Shanahans on the Green Restaurant, Dublin and Andrzej Dasiak, Hodson Bay Hotel, Athlone, Co. Westmeath. All finalists displayed their skills and knowledge over a wide range of practical tasks judged by an expert panel of judges representing the hospitality industry, hospitality education and journalism. The entire competition was overseen and run in a professional manner by Oliver J. Murtagh, President Irish Guild of Sommeliers ably assisted by the technical committee.

After an intense afternoon of competition Julie Dupouy emerged as the eventual winner with Tomasz first runner up and Andrzej in third place. The judging panels were high in their praise of all three finalists and stated that Julie Dupouy was a worthy winner after a highly contested competition by the other candidates. The wines for the competition were sponsored by Wines Direct

Mike O’ Connor, Head of Academic Studies DIT stated that it was an honour to host such a prestigious competition at DIT and went on to say “The School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology at DIT has been in existence under different guises for over half a century and has an international reputation for the excellence of its graduates. It is the leading provider of education, training and research for the culinary and food-related industries in Ireland. The School provides a range of unique and innovative programmes in a modular format including higher certificate, degree, masters’ degree and postgraduate research degrees.”

The “sobering challenge” posed by Brexit to the Irish Tourist industry was highlighted. With its negative effects on visitor numbers from a weakened sterling and uncertainty reminds us that we are an island nation dependent on the vagaries of other large economies and there is never room for complacency in the hotel and restaurant sector.

Oliver J. Murtagh President thanked all the competitors for entering and hoped they enjoyed the experience and encouraged them to continue with their studies. He wished them all well for the future in their chosen profession.


The Best Sommelier in Ireland 2018 Has Been Announced

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Image may contain: 1 person, suit

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 2018 Irish Guild of Sommeliers Best Sommelier of Ireland Competition

2018 Irish Guild of Sommeliers Best Sommelier of Ireland Competition will take place on the 7th March,2018 at the Dublin Institute of Technology, Cathal Brugha Street, Dublin,1 

The competition is open to all Professional Members of the Irish Guild of Sommeliers aged 18 years or older, of Irish citizenship or legally able to work in Ireland, who exercise the trade or function of sommelier in Ireland, who is a member in good standing of the Irish Guild of Sommeliers
The following individuals may participate in the competition:

Maîtres d’hôtel, servers, restaurateurs  and all other individuals holding a sommelier role in the dining room of a licensed establishment in which wine is sold, provided they justify an experience of at least two years in the profession prior to the competition.  All entrants must be fully paid members up of the Irish Guild of Sommeliers.

All completed applications including confirmation of employment can be emailed to the Secretary Andrew O’ Gorman Email: for approval. Acceptance of the applications will be confirmed based on the Rules and Regulations for the competition.

Forms were emailed to members on 9th January, 2018 with a closing date of the 22nd January, 2018 for receipt of entries.

Meetings February & March 2018

The next council meeting will be held  on 13th February, 2018, 11am 

AGM 13th March,2018, 11am

Both meetings at The Palace Bar, Fleet Street, Dublin 1

Tastings January/February 2018

Tuesday 23rd of January
from 11am to 1pm  in Ely Wine Bar CHQ
Anne Roque, from Domaine Laroche, will host a Masterclass about Chablis 1er left bank VS Chablis 1er cru right bank. This tasting was supposed to be taking place earlier this year but was cancelled at last minute because of the storm Ophelia.
Anne Roque is coming especially to Ireland to host this tasting so please make sure to book this date. You can email Julie at to book your space. Don’t forget to bring you own glasses !
Tuesday 27th of February
from 11am to 1pm in Ely Wine Bar CHQ
Anton Miller, Master Brewer at The Spital Brauerei in Bavaria is flying especially from Germany to host a Masterclass for the IGS’ members. Anton became the youngest master brewer ever in Bavaria at the age of 21. He is a qualified beer sommelier and is a jury member of the World Beer Cup and European Beer Star. This a great opportunity so please don’t miss it ! Book now with Julie at Don’t forget to bring your glasses!


Discover the  diversity of French wines & meet 30 French Producers in Dublin

• From boutique family producers to negociants and cooperatives
• Fantastic regional representation from the classics to emerging regions
• Wine suitable to all trade sectors – both on and off-trade / independents and multiplesThe French Wine Discoveries Fair will feature wines regions that include,
Alsace,  Beaujolais, Bordeaux,  Burgundy, Champagne, Cognac,Languedoc/Roussillon, Loire Valley, Rhône Valley, Provence, Savoy and Sud Ouest.To see the list of participating producers CLICK BELOW: Radisson Blu Hotel, Golden Lane, Dublin 8.
Time: 10:30-17:30
Date:  Monday 15th January, 2017RSVP to: Jean Smullen  Email:
Telephone (086) 816 8468


Annual Portfolio tasting on the 20th of Feb in the Guinness Storehouse

Classic Drinks Invite




Invitation to attend the 21st Annual trade tasting featuring New Zealand Wine at the Aviva Stadium, Lansdowne Road, Dublin 4. Thurs 18th Jan 2018 Time: 14:00-18:00

Masterclass presented by Martin Moran MW entitled New Zealand Aromatic Varieties and Smaller Plantings will commence at 13:00 Places MUST be pre-booked and are offered on a first-come, first served basis.  Please email Jean to book a place.

Participating wineries at the 2018 New Zealand Wine Fair  include:

Akarua, Babich,  Blank Canvas,  Brancott Estate, Burn Cottage,  Cloudy Bay, Delta Vineyard,  Felton Road, Foley Family Wines,  Framingham Wines, Giesen,  Greywacke, Hennessy Hall Wine Co,  Kim Crawford, Kumeu River Wines,  Lawsons Dry Hills, Marisco, Mount Riley,  Oyster Bay, Pegasus Bay,  Rapaura Springs, Saint Clair Family Estate,   Spy Valley Wines, Stoneleigh,   te Pa Family Vineyards, Tinpot Hut, Trinity Hill,  Villa Maria, Wild Earth, Wither Hills, Yealands Family Wines
To register to attend or to book a place on the Masterclass contact Jean Smullen

Dublin:  Email:  

Telephone (086) 816 8468

Australia Day Tasting – Dublin

The Australia Day Tasting, the largest trade tasting of Australian wine in Ireland, is now less than two months away.

For 2018 we’ve moved to The Mansion House to accommodate even more wines, exhibitors and visitors.

There will be over 300 wines from 54 wineries. Some of the producers may be familiar names like De Bortoli and Vasse Felix, others will be new discoveries such as Howard Park and Voyager Estate that are seeking distribution.

This is also your chance to meet the people behind the wines. Winemakers and winery owners flying over for the event include Andrew Watson (Woodlands Wines), Chris Pfeiffer (Pfeiffer Wines) and Trevor Dickinson (Dickinson Estate Wines). 

Also don’t miss the Iconic Australia Focus Table. From fresh Hunter Valley Semillon to rich Rutherglen fortifieds, this area will give you a taste of Australia’s most enduring and iconic wine styles.

We hope you can join us to explore the quality and diversity of Australian wine.

Dublin • 29 January 1pm – 6pm

The Round Room, The Mansion House, 2 Dawson Street, Dublin


ASI GA Tiblisi

On left of top photo is Oliver Murtagh President Irish Guild of Sommeliers who attended the ASI General Assembly in Tiblisi, Georgia

Dear friends!

We offer Agenda for ASI General Assembly 2018. Welcome to Georgia! During the Assembly the birthplace of wine will offer you tasting of wines and specialitetes and participation in several other important events.

From each country the participation of the President of national association (or the representative) is free of charge. The cost of the full program for additional guests (except the General Meeting) is: in case of single accommodation – 800EUR, in case of double accommodation – 1300EUR

We ask the Presidents of national associations to confirm their participation, as well as, the participation of guests from their countries until May 23. Please, send the confirmations on participation and other additional questions to the following mails: 

We are looking forward to your arrival in Georgia!

Shalva Khetsuriani 
President of Georgian Sommelier Association 

Day 1 
June 17, Sunday 
Arrival day 
During the whole day – accommodation at the hotel (“Holliday Inn”)

  • 13:00 – 16:00 – check-in and meals at the hotel
  • 16:00 – 18:30 – Board meeting
  • 20:00 – 22:00 – Welcome Dinner

Day 2 
June 18, Monday 
General Assembly Day 

  • 09:00 – 09:30 – Welcome Coffee Break and registration of the delegates
  • 09:30 – 11:45 – General Assembly, Session 1
  • 11:45 – 12:00 – Coffee Break
  • 12:00 – 14:00 – General Assembly, Session 2
  • 14:00 – 15:00 – Lunch
  • 15:00 – 17:30 – General Assembly, Session 3
  • 17:30 – 17:45 – Coffee Break
  • 17:45 – 20:00 – General Assembly, Conclusive section
  • 20:15 – 22:30 – Dinner

Day 3 
June 19, Tuesday 

  • 09:30 – 12:45 – Sören Polonius’ Master class (11:00 – 11:15 – Coffee Break)
  • 13:00 – 14:00 – Lunch
  • 14:15 – 14:45 – Press conference – ASI President, General Secretary of ASI, Minister of 
Agriculture of Georgia, President of Georgian Sommelier Association
  • 15:00 – 16:00 – Saperavi Tasting: identifying the aromatic and taste characteristics of 
“main” Georgian varieties – Saperavi. There will be gathered both ASI delegates and the most important sommeliers and enologists from Georgia. Saperavi has a very long history but unfortunately it was never described. It would be very good if it happens with involvement of the persons with such high competence as there are ASI delegates and Georgian sommeliers and enologists. From the side of ASI this will be a good gesture and an interesting “adventure” and experience. The typical characteristics of main Georgian varieties will be identified and this identification will get the name of ASI forever. Sponsor “Marani Hetsuriani”
  • 16:00 – 17:00 – Free time
  • 17:00 – 19:00 – Showing the film “Prime Meridian of Wine”, shot by famous Georgian 
Film-Director Nana Jorjadze, the laureate of Cannes Festival and the nominee for Oscar. All the most outstanding representatives of Georgian wine world and the governmental officials will attend the film show. Sponsor “Marani Hetsuriani”.
  • 19.00 – 20.30 – Free Time and transportation from the hotel to the restaurant
  • 20:30 – 23:30 – Hetsuriani Day – 20th anniversary of Hetsuriani Winery restoration 
(after the Soviet regime). The official eno-gastromonic dinner dedicated to the anniversary: pairing with wines the dishes from gastronomic book of Lola and Naniko Hetsuriani (its regional, “Kutaisian” version of Georgian cousine). Black tie invited. Sponsor “Marani Hetsuriani”

Day 4
June 20, Wednesday 

  • 09:30 – 11:30 – Transfer to one of the most important Georgian wine-making regions – Kakheti
  • 11:30 – 12:30 – A visit to Qvevri Museum. Qvevri wine-making is introduced in an interesting way in this small exposition. In the same museum it is possible to visit a traditional Georgian marani (cellar) – almost 100% of Georgian village population has 
got such cellars: in Georgian villages all houses historically were built and are built even now considering the sections for small own maranies. The ancient tradition of Qvevri winemaking in Georgia is recognized by UNESCO as a significant intangible
  • 12:30 – 13:00 
– Transfer Napareuli-Kvareli
  • 13:00 – 14:30 
– Lunch
  • 14:30 – 17:00 – A visit to “Wine Tunnel”, master classes of Georgian cuisine, wine 
tasting, lunch
  • 17:00 – 17:30 
– Transfer to the hotel: Lopota Lake/Kvareli Eden
  • 17:30 – 19:30 
– A rest at the lake and wine spa resort
  • 19:30 – 22:00 
- Dinner

Day 5
June 21, Thursday

  • 10:00 – 12:30 – Transfer Kvareli – Tbilisi
  • 12:30 – 13:00 – Check-in at the hotel
  • 13:00 – 14:30 – Lunch
  • 15:00 – 16:00 – Master class on Georgian wines: history, appellations, main grape 
varieties, main wines. This is the master class of the President of Georgian Sommelier Association. In one hour the attendees will be able to learn about the most important details, which a man should know about Georgian wine. This will be a useful “introduction” for the following event.
  • 16:15 – 19:00 – Large-scale tasting of wines of Georgian wine producers. Maximum quantity of wines produced by Georgian winemakers will be collected in order the delegates to get widest opinion of Georgian wines. Wines will be served and offered by Georgian Sommeliers
  • 19:00 – 20:00 – Free time
  • 20:00 – 22:00 – Dinner

Day 6
June 22, Friday
Departure day

  • 09:30 – 10:30 – Walking tour in Old Town of Tbilisi, visit Orthodox Church
  • 10:30 – 12:00 – A visit to Georgian National Museum. Getting acquainted with the ancient wine vessels, the world’s oldest cultivated grape seeds and other ancient wine artifacts. Colchian and other proto-Georgian Golden treasury from the period of Argonautica.
  • 12:30 – 14:00 – Lunch

A Luxembourg Masterclass hosted by Niels Toase

A Luxembourg Masterclass hosted by Niels Toase, the Irish Sommelier for Bernard Massard Wines took place today. Niels presented a range of wines from their vineyards along the banks of the Moselle River, including their recently highly-acclaimed sparkling wines and the only Cremant to be made outside of France!

It was a great opportunity to learn about the history of wine and viticulture in Luxembourg, taste wines from a range of terroirs and get a deeper understanding of the quality that Luxembourg has to offer to the Irish Consumer. Agents in Ireland are Cassidy Wines, Magna Drive, Citywest Business Campus, Dublin,24 – Gareth Wyatt, Sales Representative 


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Wines Tasted


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Niels Toase, the Irish Sommelier for Bernard Massard Wines

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Julie Dupouy, Niels Toase, Anke Hartmann, Andrew O’ Gorman presenting Niels with the Irish Guild of Sommeliers official tie.

The Masterclass organised by Julie & Anke

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Gareth Wyatt, Sales Representative, Cassidy Wines & Niels Toase, the Irish Sommelier for Bernard Massard Wines

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L/r Pedro Julian Jimenez Lopez, Seamus Murray, Vice President Irish Guild of Sommeliers, Luciano Radmil, Ballyfin Demnse, Co. Laois, Oliver Murtagh, President Irish Guild of Sommeliers


“Rioja” and the “Spanish Embassy” held an excellent masterclass and tasting about Rioja, focusing on the last regulations approved by the control board and different wine styles.It was presented by Pedro Jimenez  “Certified Rioja Wine Educator.The tasting took place on the 13th June at “Instituto Cervantes” Lincoln House, 6-16 Lincoln Pl, Dublin 2.

Luxembourg Masterclass 18th June, 11am to 1pm Venue : ely bar & grill,  CHQ Building, ISFC, North Dock, Georges Dock, Dublin 1

 Image may contain: 1 person, smiling
 Niels Toase, the Irish Sommelier for Bernard Massard Wines
Do come and join us on Monday 18th June, for a Luxembourg Masterclass hosted by Niels Toase, the Irish Sommelier for Bernard Massard Wines. Niels will present a range of wines from their vineyards along the banks of the Moselle River, including their recently highly-acclaimed sparkling wines and the only Cremant to be made outside of France!
This will be a great opportunity to learn about the history of wine and viticulture in Luxembourg, taste wines from a range of terroirs and get a deeper understanding of the quality that Luxembourg has to offer to the Irish Consumer.”
Please bring your own glasses!
Time : 11am to 1pm 
Date : Monday 18th of June
Venue : ely bar & grill,  CHQ Building, ISFC, North Dock, Georges Dock, Dublin 1
This tasting is kindly organised by Gareth Wyatt from Cassidy wine company and Niels Toase from Bernard Massard’s.