• Brian Walshe

    The late Brian Walshe – Obituary

    Brian Walshe

    Brian Walshe was a member of the Irish Guild of Sommeliers for many years and attended his last Guild function in Dublin in October, 2010. Later that evening Oliver Murtagh, Emmet Fitzgerald, John Rigby and Andrew O’ Gorman joined him until late into the night where he told many stories and recalled many memorable events from Guild trips to vineyards and Guild events at home.

    Brian was known as a man who lived life to the full and his sudden death on 9th February, 2011 saddened those who knew him personally and professionally.

    The last professional gig he fulfilled as an actor was as father of the groom at a mock wedding at the Meyrick Hotel, Galway during the hotel’s wedding fair on the Sunday before he died.

    Brian, a native of Salthill, enjoyed playing other parts whether they be for amateur productions or for the murder mystery weekends he had been running for the past 17 years. The scripts were all original and all written by himself.

    He had a career in hotel management, starting in Shannon where he met the Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara, Charlie Chaplin and served the actor Cary Grant an Irish Coffee.

    He also trained in Zurich and Paris before arriving in London during the swinging 60s. There he worked in the exclusive Brown’s Hotel in Mayfair which was frequented by the stars.

    Then he became the first manager of Breaffy House Hotel in Castlebar, Co. Mayo before arriving at the Eglinton Hotel, Salthill where he produced the first Irish cabaret in a hotel in Ireland called “A Taste of Ireland”, showing that he had a flair for the arts.

    Brian also managed the former Coachman Hotel, Domnick Street, Galway and eventually moved to Dublin to work with the Jurys Hotel Group.

    Again, he returned to Galway, this time to take up a position as lecturer at the Regional Technical College, now GMIT, where he continued to share his knowledge of wine to the hotel management, bar and catering students for over 25 years.He retired from GMIT a few years ago.

    Throughout all this time Brian kept up his interest in wines as a member of the Irish Guild of Sommeliers and Association Sommelier International. He travelled to the vineyards of many countries, including France, Spain, Italy, Germany, etc. on Guild and private educational visits.

    He also shared his knowledge and love of wine to people through weekend courses in the Renvyle House Hotel in Connemara, where his murder mysteries were also very popular.

    A wide circle of family and friends including members of the Irish Guild of Sommeliers attended his funeral in O’ Flaherty’s Funeral Parlour on Saturday morning the 12th February followed by Requiem Mass in St. Ignatius Jesuit Church, Sea Road. He was interned in the New Cemetary, Bohermore.

    Deepest sympathy is extended to his family.

    “Ar dhéis Dé go raibh a anam dílis”. (A. O’ Gorman)

  • Wine Labels

    Many of the earliest silver wine labels were made in London by the silversmith Sandilands Drinkwater who registered his mark in 1731. The first of these wine labels were cartouche-shaped and usually plain.

    Wine labels were originally hand made, and it was not until 1784 that Matthew Linwood of Birmingham produced the first silver die-stamped labels which were superbly cut. Although others copied Linwood, his skill was never surpassed. He generally featured a shell in his pieces. Other outstanding wine labels were made by Matthew Boulton and John Fothergill.

    The Licensing Act of 1860 made it legal to sell individual bottles of alcohol and each bottle was marked with its contents, thus making wine labels redundant.

  • Graduation Day,7th March, 2011

    30 Irish Guild of Sommeliers certificates were presented today, the 7th March,2011 by Mary O’ Callaghan, President The Irish Guild of Sommeliers to those who successfully completed The Irish Guild of Sommeliers/Restaurants Association of Ireland course. The presentation took place at the Stephens Green Hibernian Club,9, St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin, 2 .

    The President’s Gold Medal was presented by Mary O’ Callaghan and Paul Cadden, President, Restaurants Association of Ireland presented the RAI prize of a Decanter.

    Paul Cadden, President, Restaurants Association of Ireland presenting Ivana Hruskova with the RAI prize for gaining first place in the overall examination, Mary O' Callaghan, President The Irish Guild of Sommeliers.

    Mary O' Callaghan, President, The Irish Guild of Sommeliers presenting Bláithín McCabe with the IGS President's Gold Medal for best taster, Paul Cadden, President, Restaurants Association of Ireland.Mary O’ Callaghan, President of The Irish Guild of Sommeliers presenting Bláithín McCabe with the IGS President’s Gold Medal for best taster on the course, Paul Cadden, President Restaurants Association

  • Le Grands Concours



    Christine COLLiNS, Chef de projet

    Téléphone : +33 (3) 88 37 21 23

    Fax : +33 (3) 88 37 37 95


    7 place Adrien Zeller – BP 256/R7

    67007 STRASBOURG Cedex

    in partnership with Under the Patronage of


    Virginie Lusseyran

    Téléphone : +33 (3) 88 22 27 35

    Portable : +33 (6) 09 40 30 53


    Frédérique Pierré

    Téléphone : +33 (3) 89 24 50 76

    Portable : +33 (6) 84 46 79 49


    The whole results on www.portail-vins-du-monde.com

    RiESLiNG du monde

    443 presented wines : 112 Medals

    PiNOT GRiS du monde

    253 presented wines : 73 Medals

    GEWURZTRAMiNER du monde

    275 presented wines : 78 Medals


    • DOPFF et IRION

    Domaines du Château de Riquewihr

    (68340 Riquewihr)

    for Grand Cru Schoenenbourg

    Vendanges Tardives 2004


    (Allemagne / Baden Ortenau)

    for Trockenbeerenauslese 2009


    40 France

    17 Germany

    3 USA

    3 Czech Republic

    1 Australia

    1 Luxemburg

    1 Slovakia

    1 Slovaquie


    23 France

    13 Germany

    2 USA

    2 Luxemburg

    1 Australia

    1 Czech Republic

    1 Slovakia

    1 Switzerland



    (Satov / Czech Republic)

    for Pinot Gris Straw Wine 2009


    42 France

    1 Italy

    2 Czech Republic

    1 Switzerland


    19 France

    2 Germany

    2 Australia

    2 New-Zeland

    1 Switzerland


    • André REGIN (67120 Wolxheim)

    for Gewurztraminer Sélection de

    Grains Nobles 2007

    • WOLFBERGER (68420 Eguisheim)

    for Gewurztraminer Vendanges

    Tardives 2008


    61 France

    1 Germany

    1 Austria

    1 Czech Republic


    8 France

    3 Germany

    1 New-Zeland


    « Les Grands Concours du monde »- the great worldwide wine competitions

    From April 9th to 11th at the Congress Centre Strasbourg (France)

    • Riesling du monde

    • Pinot Gris du monde

    • Gewurztraminer du monde

    have obtained the patronage of the OIV !!!

    The ambition of Les Grands Concours du monde is to foster the promotion of grape varieties throughout

    the world, to give producers the opportunity to present their best wines and to offer consumers the unassailable

    credibility of concrete results with the guarantee of the competence of professional international tasters

    (oenologists, wine waiters, celebrities from the wine world, cellar men, wine merchants, specialist journalists,


    Following the procedures in 2010 to call on the patronage of the OIV (International Organisation of Vine

    and Wine), the 3 international wine competitions have been controlled and the OIV has decided to give its

    prestigious patronage to Strasbourg Evénements!

    Moreover, the Union de la Sommellerie Française (UDSF) has agreed to be the official sponsor of the three

    competitions in 2011!

    For the prize winners, being awarded a Great Gold Medal or a gold or silver medal at Riesling du monde,

    Pinot Gris du monde or Gewurztraminer du monde will guarantee worldwide recognition and the chance to

    promote their wines internationally.

    Entry deadline for wine producers who wish to present their wines in the competitions:

    March 7th 2011

    Registration file available on www.portail-vins-du-monde.com

    EntRIES anD InFORMatIOn : PRESS COntaCt :


    Christine COLLINS, , Project Manager

    téléphone : +33 (3) 88 37 21 23

    Fax : +33 (3) 88 37 37 95


    7 place adrien Zeller – BP 256/R7

    67007 StRaSBOURG Cedex


    En partenariat avec Sous le patronage de


    Virginie Lusseyran

    téléphone : +33 (3) 88 22 27 35

    Portable : +33 (6) 09 40 30 53


    Frédérique Pierré

    téléphone : +33 (3) 89 24 50 76

    Portable : +33 (6) 84 46 79 49


  • 2012 Sommelier Course

    Book now for the next course commencing September, 2012

    8 week sommeliers certificate course 2012

    Due to the successful demand in 2010 and 2011, The Irish Guild of Sommeliers (IGS) in partnership with the Restaurants Association Of Ireland (RAI) will again be running a modular 8 week Sommelier Certificate course in wine service and product knowledge along with a session on whiskies and cocktails to members of both organisations. This will conclude with an examination in January,2013.

    All Lectures are held on Mondays at a Dublin venue from 11am to 4.00pm .

    Further  information from Kim Leonard, Restaurants Association of Ireland. Ph (01)- 6779901 Email: info@rai.ie

  • Australian 2011


    1) History

    –         Established 1825 – 1880,

    –         Dark Days 1880 – 1950,

    –         1960 to… Re emergence

    2) Present

    2400 producers, all states, but only 4% of worlds wine.

    3) Regions

    – Who does what, and where?

    4) Wine Styles

    Traditionally big and heavy, but moving towards lighter, fresher and brighter styles. Different varietals, winemaking styles, regions

    5) Any other issues

    – Label Integrity

    – Export Analysis

    – Carbon Footprint

    – Drought/Flood

    – Australia;World Class DVD

    The following wines were tasted:

    a) 2009 Clairault Sauvignon Blanc.

    Margaret River.

    b) 2008 Mount Langi Ghiran Billi Billi Pinot Grigio.

    South Eastern Australia.

    c) 2007 Penfolds Thomas Hyland Chardonnay.


    d) 2004 Thorn Clarke Terra Barossa Riesling.

    Eden Valley.

    e) 2002 Grant Burge The Holy Trinity GSM.


    f) 2005 Voyager Estate Shiraz.

    Margaret River.

    g) 2002 Grosset Gaia.

    Clare Valley.

    For more information on Australian wine:    www.apluswines.com

    AUSTRALIA – Regional Heroes Tasting on Thursday, 10th February at 6pm

    At the United Arts Club, 3 Upper Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin 2.

    Regional Heroes are Wines and Producers that have blazed a trail for their region’s profile with varietal choice and/or style dictated, by who made them – where they were made, and why.

    John Mc Donnell, Head of Wine Australia in Ireland highlighted wines that add and sustain interest for consumers by fostering a clear association between region, blends and variety/style – Challenging the perception that Australia is not just all about inter regional blends of Shiraz and Chardonnay.

    Each of over30 attendees  received an interactive DVD  “From the grape to the glass” that provides over 100 illustrated fact sheets about Australian Wine, featuring winemaker interviews, restaurant service and educational videos about Australia’s regionally distinct wines.

    John  spent time demonstrating the features of this incredibly valuable aid.

    John is a maestro when it comes to presenting.


    John McDonnell, Head of Wine Australia in Ireland did an excellent tasting and power point presentation.

    This was a tasting to remember.

    19/02/2011 AOGorman.