• MASI 25

    MASI – “25 Years in Ireland”


    Congratulations to our friend Master Winemaker Dr. Sandro Boscaini – President of MASI who recently celebrated 25 Years of distribution of MASI wines throughout Ireland.  A successful collaboration with Findlater Wine & Spirit Group has ensured that MASI maintains a footprint in the Irish Market.

    MASI’s wines are a Beacon of Quality for consumers letting them know purely by name that they are getting a top quality product from an excellent wine producing company.

    A celebratory dinner hosted by Findlater Wine & Spirit Group in Restaurant Fiorentina in September marked the occasion.  Guests were serenaded by DIT Students from the Conservatory of Music & Drama.  The Event was attended by the Italian Ambassador to Ireland – H.E. Mr. Giovanni Adorni Braccesi who in his speech commended Sandro stating that MASI “being led by such an illuminating leader the possibilities for one of Italy’s most famous winemaking families worldwide is endless as they continually evolve in their pursuit and commitment to producing excellent quality wines and shows that they are an enterprising company who will stand the test of time!”.

    Indeed justified high praise for a company who rises to new challenges and markets without losing its bearings, rooted in a classic traditional style whilst staying true in protecting and promoting both the tradition and culture of Le Venezie area.

    An example of this is how the Il Gruppo Tecnico MASI as conservationalists have been instrumental in the recovery of many forgotten grape varieties, such as the Oseleta that are part of the Venetian Viticulture and Enological heritage.

    The resurrection of the Oseleta grape was by happenchance whilst visiting a neighbour Sandro enjoyed a glass of vino and asked to look at the vines containing the grape it was made from.  Sandro brought a cutting of the grapes in a shoebox to the scientists in Instituto Sperimentale per la Viticoltura in Conegliano.  Following DNA testing all were astounded to discover that it was the Oseleta grape which was thought to be extinct.

    Another recent celebration was 50 Years production of Campofiorin.  This wine was first produced in September 1964 by Sandro’s father Guido using an interpretation of the Appassimento technique used for making Amarone.  Sandro states “My father was the inventor of Campofiorin.  He made it in response for the need for a wine that represented the Verona area, with its particular native grapes.”

    The longevity of this long established company brings to mind a quote:


    “I love everything that’s old, – old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old wine.” Oliver Goldsmith


    The Irish Guild of Sommeliers wishes Sandro and his family continued success for another six generations and beyond . . . . .Caroline O’Dowd ©

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  • MASI – “25 Years in Ireland”

    028_Masi_Dinner (1)


    Caroline O’ Dowd, Dr. Sandro Boscaini & Mary O’ Callaghan

    Congratulations to our friend Master Winemaker Dr. Sandro Boscaini – President of MASI who recently celebrated 25 Years of distribution of MASI wines throughout Ireland.  A successful collaboration with Findlater Wine & Spirit Group has ensured that MASI maintains a footprint in the Irish Market.

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  • IGS Social evening and tasting at the Palace Bar

    A social evening , discussion and tasting of wines specially selected by John Rigby, Vice President, Irish Guild of Sommeliers

    Charles Searson in conversation with John Rigby

    Charles Searson in conversation with John Rigby

     Will take place at the Whiskey Palace upstairs at the Palace Bar, Fleet Street, Dublin,2

     On Monday the 3rd November,2014 at 2pm

     Please bring your tasting glasses. Under no circumstances will glasses be supplied.

  • Cocktails 2014

    Congratulations to Edvinas(Eddie) Rudzinskas on winning a Silver Medal at the World Cocktail Championships in Cape Town, South Africa. Report in NEWS/ARCHIVES

  • Cocktails 2014

    Bartenders Association of Ireland Barman Gets Silver Award At World Cocktail Championships in Cape Town

    ~ Monday 6th October, 2014


    The Bartenders Association of Ireland (BAI) is proud and jubilant after winning a Silver medal at the 41st World Cocktail Championships in Cape Town, South Africa on Thursday 3rd October 2014.

    Representing Ireland at the annual International event was Eddie Rudzinskas, a bartender from the Four Seasons Hotel & Leisure Centre in Monaghan.

    His winning cocktail was called ‘Molly Mia’ and consisted of 50ml Grey Goose Le Citron vodka, 20ml Grand Marnier Liqueur, 20ml Finest Call Passion fruit puree, 20ml Routin 1883 Blood Orange, 80ml Fresh grapefruit juice and 20ml Fresh lemon juice. All ingredients are shaken with ice in a cocktail shaker and served in a long glass. The long drink cocktail was decorated with cuts of lemon, lime, orange, beetroot & rhubarb.

    Eddie, who is originally from Lithuania, won the privilege to represent Ireland by finishing 1st at the National Cocktail Competition which was sponsored by Edward Dillon & Co. Ltd. (distributor of world leading brands such as Bacardi, Jack Daniels and Hennessy) and held at the Food & Bev Live 2014 Exhibition in City West, earlier this year.

    The BAI team was met at Dublin Airport yesterday by a group of family and friends. Speaking after their arrival, the President of the Bartenders Association of Ireland, Mr. Declan Byrne, stated:

    “Eddie Rudzinskas is an exceptional bartender. Eddie has worked tirelessly to perform at his best on the greatest bartenders stage in the world. He was focused and dedicated. He practiced daily to enhance his routine and perfect his cocktail in the run up to the competition. We are all delighted that his hard work has paid off and on behalf of all the bartenders in Ireland, I would like to thank Eddie for bringing home a medal. We’re proud of him and his achievement.

    We’re also very grateful to our National Cocktail Competition sponsor Edward Dillon & Co. Ltd for their continued support. It is through support like this that enables the BAI to get working bartenders from Ireland in to competitions around the world.”

    Alan Kavanagh, Portfolio Brands Ambassador for Edward Dillon & Co. Ltd, was also present to welcome the BAI home. He commented: “On behalf of Edward Dillon & Co. Ltd., I am delighted for the BAI and Eddie Rudzinskas on their success at the World Cocktail Championships in Cape Town. This win confirms the presence of Ireland’s growing professionalism to a global audience.

    Dillon’s have had a good relationship with the Bartenders Association of Ireland for many years and are especially pleased to be your National Sponsor in these winning times. As a former bartender & competitor in Helsinki 2005, I know the work and effort that the BAI put into these competitions. Their hard work and passion often goes unrecognised by many in the drinks industry in Ireland.

    I would especially like to congratulate Declan Byrne on his appointment to the board of the International Bartenders Association, as Secretary. This is a first for the Bartenders Association of Ireland and further signals the strength of talent and professionalism that we have here [in Ireland].”

    This is the second medal in two years for the Bartenders Association of Ireland (BAI). Last year the BAI won a Gold Medal with their competitor, Deirdre Byrne, the first female bartender ever to represent Ireland at the World Cocktail Competition.

    Andrew O’ Gorman, Secretary Irish Guild of Sommeliers & Treasurer/Secretary Bartenders Association of Ireland travelled to Cape Town with the BAI team.
  • Tullamore Dew 2014

    Whiskeys Tasted at the Gresham Hotel, Dublin on 2nd October 2014

              1. Tullamore DEW Original – This is triple distilled and made of three blends.  It is a “traditional” Irish whiskey with a clean taste that is sweet and with hint of apple and cinnamon.  Three elements make up this blend.  First is a grain whiskey, which provides the sweetness.  Next is single malt that adds the fruitiness.  Last is a bit of potstill that provides the spiciness.  Aging is done in Bourbon and Sherry casks.

    2. Tullamore DEW 12 Year Old Special Reserve – Again, this has three distillations and three blends.  Also aged in Bourbon and Sherry casks, but with a bit longer aging in the Sherry casks.  Hints of chocolate occur on the nose and taste.

    3. Tullamore DEW Old Bonded Warehouse – A very smooth triple blend and triple distillation that is only sold at the visitor center in the new distillery.  It is aged one more year in Sherry than the 12 year old which gives if bit of raisin or sultan taste, with a bit of spiciness.  A very enjoyable whiskey.

     4. Tullamore DEW 14 Year Old Single Malt – An 8 month finish in Sherry casks makes this special.  On the nose it has a welcome floral scent.  The taste is very smooth but with a dryness to it.  Sadly, it is not sold in Ireland but rather is distributed in travel shops around the world.  As you travel, keep an eye out for it.

    5. Tullamore DEW Phoenix – The name of course comes from Greek mythology about a bird that was reborn and arises from the ashes of its predecessor.   In 1785 a hot air balloon crashed to the ground in Tullamore and about a third of the town was burned to ashes, the world’s first recorded air traffic incident.  The original Tullamore distillery was later built on the location.  This new blend was launched in 2013 to recognize the original distillery.  It has a 55% ABV and has higher potstill content that delivers a friendly creaminess.

          6. Tullamore DEW Phoenix Celebratory –  Also at 55% ABV it is one year older than the regular Phoenix but is a limited edition single batch production.  Only 2,014 bottles have been produced.  It is finished for 3 months in virgin American oak casks that result in a very pleasing vanilla/toffee flavor.

    We took the customary vote for most favored and hide a tie! The Phoenix and Phoenix Celebratory came out with equal number of votes. You could not go wrong with either one.

    Oliver Murtagh President Irish Guild of Sommeliers was in attendance

    Thanks to Ken Quinn, Irish Whiskey Society Committee Member for invitation