• German-Irish Presentation and Networking Event on the 9th of June 2016, 5.00 PM at the Dublin Chamber of Commerce.

    I am writing to you regarding a business trip we are currently organising on behalf of the German Ministry of Agriculture and Food  for German producers.

    Amongst the participants are several German vintners, as well as a wine merchant.

    They will be in Dublin between the 8th and 10th of June 2016 and would like to meet with potential Irish partners that are interested in the products and would like to discuss future partnership possibilities.

    Furthermore, we are also hosting a German-Irish Presentation and Networking Event on the 9th of June 2016, 5.00 PM at the Dublin Chamber of Commerce.

    Should this information be of interest to your members, we would really appreciate it if you could publish those events on your website.

    Please find attached an invitation to the event on the 9th of June and a list of German companies, who are interested in meeting with Irish partners.

    We will gladly provide you with further details if needed! Please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Further details under NEWS on this website

  • German-Irish Presentation and Networking Event

    Invitation to the German-Irish Presentation and Networking Event for the Food and Beverage Industry

    Thursday, 9th of June 2016, 5.00 p.m. Dublin Chamber of Commerce, Dublin

    Get to know German Food and Beverage Companies in Dublin!

    We are pleased to invite you to the German-Irish Presentation and Networking Event for the food and beverage industry. The event will take place in order to facilitate the common exchange of information between German and Irish stakeholders as well as to support a mutual interest in doing business.

    The event is part of a business trip promoted by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. During the trip, the German delegation of representatives of German food and beverage companies will have the opportunity to gather insights about the Irish food and beverage market and get in touch with future trade partners. The Irish market is of great potential for German companies, especially in terms of the high interest of Irish consumers in healthy and organic products, as well as in high quality and trendy products. Many German companies are traditionally involved in this field and offer products with certified (organic) quality. With their portfolio, they are able to comply with the demand of the Irish market and are therefore potentially interesting business partners for Irish companies.

    For this matter, we warmly welcome you to join us for the food and beverage presentations and dinner at the Dublin Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, 9 th of June 2016, at 5.00 p.m. During the first part of the event,eight German food and beverage producers will present their products and brands. Following this, a three course dinner will be served and possibilities to further network with the companies will be provided.

    Furthermore, the participants of the German delegation will take the opportunity to give some insights on current trends in Germany and present their products to the guests. Please find attached our afternoon program and company profiles of the participants.

    If you are interested in joining the event, please confirm with one of the email addresses below until the 23rd of May. We look forward to meeting you and networking with you!

    Contact Details

     Your contact persons in Germany:

    Lara Bolhuis, Phone: +49 30 814 8841 29, Mobile: +49 151 12213378, Email: bolhuis@enviacon.com

    Mirko Knisel, Phone +49 30 814 8841 170, Email: knisel@enviacon.com

    Invitation to the German-Irish Presentation and Networking Event for the Food and Beverage Industry

    Thursday, 9th of June 2016, 5.00 p.m.

    Dublin Chamber of Commerce, Dublin


    Date/Location Time Program

    June 9th 2016 Dublin Chamber of Commerce

    5.00 – 5.10 p.m.

    5.00 – 8.00 p.m.

    Arrival and welcoming of Irish guests.Company presentations from eight companies followed by food and beverage tasting

    Networking & individual talks

    Business dinner (Buffet with German companies, Irish experts of the food and beverage market and Irish guests)


    Dublin Chamber of Commerce

    Date: June 9, 2016

    Time: 5.00 – 8.00 p.m.

    URL: http://www.dubchamber.ie/

    Dublin Chamber of Commerce 7 Clare Street Dublin 2,  F902+353 1 644 7200


    German Participants

    This industry trip is organized by enviacon international as one of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture’s export promotion programs.

    Altenburger Senf & Feinkost GmbH & Co. KG

    Altenburger Senf & Feinkost GmbH & Co. KG is a family-owned business that produces over 300 variations of mustard, fruit-mustard, horseradish and fruithorseradish,

    different types of sauces, ketchup as well as blends of spices. The producei is also known as the “World Champion Mustardstore.” The company was founded in 1992 and currently has around 30 employees.

    Products: Mustard, jams, jellies, oils, blends of spices

    Baikal Getränke GmbH

    Baikal Getränke GmbH produces the lemonade brand Wostok, which was first launched in Berlin in 2010. Starting out with the flavour „Tannenwald“. Since then, the brand has expanded to six unique flavours, of which three are E.U. certified organic. Each has its own character and story, but together the range shares one common trait: Wostok combines unique and unusual ingredients.

    Products: Lemonade

    Heimatsmühle GmbH & Co. KG

    Heimatmühle GmbH & Co. KG is a successful family-run milling company in its sixth generation. The family Ladenburger has lived and worked on the company-own

    mill since 1808 which is based in Aalen in Baden-Wurttemberg. New technology and innovative processes ensure the production of high quality grain and milling products.

    Furthermore, a gentle processing of natural resources and an energy efficient production are a particular focus for the Heimatsmühle.

    Products: Flours (organic), baking ingredients and mixes, muesli, biscuits, noodles

    Theodorus Biowein und Sektgut

    The family-run winery and sparkling wine cellar Theodorus has been dedicated to the cultivation and production of wine since 1778. The wine selection of Theodorus

    consists mostly of white wines. Highlights in the selection of Theodorus wines are the different variations of Rieslings, Pinot Blanc and the Pinot Gris. Alongside the white

    wines, Theodorus produces organic Pinot Noirs and Gewürztraminer as well as organic and high quality sparkling wines and Seccos.

    Products: Organic white and sparkling wines, Seccos


    Wilhelm Prünte GmbH

    The Wilhelm Prünte GmbH are a family-run business, specialized in the production of highest quality pumpernickel and whole grain rye bread. They proudly look back on 6 generations of baking experience. Having emerged from a small bakery in the Münsterland region in Northern Germany, they have continuously maintained the values of traditional baking. The main products of Wilhelm Prünte are pumpernickel and rye-whole-grain bread. All products, a variety of bread specialties, are made with natural ingredients and fully organic sourdough as well as a large variety of seeds, nuts and fruits.

    Products: Pumpernickel, whole grain rye bread, various bread products

    Wein- und Sektkellerei Stengel

    The winery and sparkling-wine cellar Stengel is a family-run enterprise in the sixth generation with a long-standing tradition winning numerous prices for its high quality sparkling wines over the past years. In 2008 they were awarded with the “Bundesehrenpreis”, awarded by the government, as best German sparkling wine maker. Their high quality standards have secured them a spot within the top ten German sparkling wine makers for the past ten years. Stengel stands for tradition and high quality in harmony with nature. In the cellars of the Stengel family, sparkling wine has been produced with the traditional Dom Perignon method.

    Products: Sparkling, red and white wines, cuvee, liquors, brandies

    Weingut Adam

    The family Adam has been running its vineyard since four generations and has devoted its energy in the cultivation and production of wines. With a total of 17 vines and state of the art technology in wine production, the vineyard Adam produces high quality wines which have received numerous awards. A particular focus of the winery Adam lies in the cultivation and production of red wine.

    Products: Red and white wines, seccos and mulled wines

    World of Boutique Wines GmbH

    The World of Boutique Wines GmbH offers a wide range of premium red wines, white wines, rosés and sparkling wines. These originate from the Moselle, Rhine district, Pfalz (Palatinate), Rheinhessen, and Baden region. Exclusively quality and premium wines with highest standards are found in the portfolio and all wines are made by wineries and none are from wine cellars. Included are a large variety of grapes and types of wines. Additionally, the majority of wines offered have won national and international wine prizes. The selection includes dry, off-dry, off-sweet, sweet and luscious wines.

    Products: Red and white wines, sparkling wines

     This Area of Activity trip is organized by enviacon international as one of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture’s export promotion programs.

    Baikal Getränke GmbH

    Theodorus Biowein und Sektgut

    Wein- und Sektkellerei Stengel

    Weingut Adam

    World of Boutique Wines GmbH

    For further information please contact

    Franziska Gawlik, enviacon international

    Email: gawlik@enviacon.com

    Tel: +49 30 814 8841-24

    Mirko Knisel, enviacon international

    Email: knisel@enviacon.com

    Tel: +49 30 814 8841-170

    Business Trip Great Britain and Ireland:

    Food & Beverages

    Great Britain and Ireland, 06. – 10. June 2016



    Baikal Getränke GmbH

    Mr. Joris van Velzen

    Am Tempelhofer Berg 6,

    10965 ‚Berlin

    Mobile: +49 (0)177 253 48 03

    Fax +49 (0) 30 61 67 58 51

    Email: joris@wostok-limonde.de

    Website: www.wostok-limonade.de/


    Baikal Getränke GmbH produces the lemonade brand Wostok, which was first launched in Berlin in 2010.Starting out with the flavour „Tannenwald“. Since then, the brand has expanded to six unique flavours, of which three are E.U. certified organic. Each has its own character and story, but together the range shares one common trait: Wostok combines unique and unusual ingredients.

    Area of Activity

    Baikal Getränke GmbH produces and sells the lemonade brand Wostok.

    Products and Services

    Tannenwald is the first pine-tree scented lemonade, based on an original Soviet recipe from 1973. The other flavours include date-pomegranate, tarragon-ginger, pear and rosemary, plum and cardamom as well as apricot & almond. The last three mentioned are E.U. certified organic lemonades. The complete assortment of Baikal

    GmbH is IFS Food certified.

    The company is looking for the following partners Baikal Getränke GmbH is interested in meeting with contacts from the food retailing sector, especially with a focus on organic and health products. Furthermore they are looking to meet with importers based in the UK and Ireland.


    Theodorus Biowein und Sektgut

    Herr Thomas Lergemüller

    An der Landwehr 1

    45883 Gelsenkirchen

    Tel.: +49 (0) 63 23 50 34

    Mobile: +49 (0) 152 53 52 8482

    Email: info@theodorus-wein.de

    Website: www.theodorus-wein.de


    The family-run winery and sparkling wine cellar Theodorus has been dedicated to the cultivation and production of wine since 1778. Located on the German “Weinstrasse”, 13 acres of land are cultivated using traditional organic as well as partially biodynamic methods. Traditional grapes such as Riesling and Burgunder are grown, typical for the region. Beside these, newly introduced vines such as the Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and

    Cabernet Sauvignon have been introduced on the vineyard.

    Area of Activity

    Organic winery and sparkling wine cellar Theodorus produces first and foremost white wines as well as sparkling wines by traditional methods.


    The wine selection of Theodorus consists mostly of white wines. Highlights in the selection of Theodorus wines are the different variations of Rieslings, Pinot Blanc and the Pinot Gris. Alongside the white wines, Theodorus produces organic Pinot Noirs and Gewürztraminer as well as organic and high quality sparkling wines and


    All products of the winery are organic certified. An integrated plant production, organic fertilisation as well asrevegetation and environmentally friendly work processes are the base of the high quality vines grow on 14hectares of land.


    The company is looking for the following

    Theodorus organic winery and sparkling wine cellar is interested in meeting with distributors (also with focus on organic products) and country wide present supermarket chains, such as organic supermarkets. Also meetings with retailers are of interest.


    Wein- und Sektkellerei Stengel

    Ms. Lisa Stengel und Ms. Carolin Stengel

    Ringstrasse 7

    74189 Weinsberg Gellmersbach

    Tel.: +49 (0) 71 34 14 765

    Mobile: Ms. Lisa Stengel: +49 (0) 171 38 34 139

    Mobile: Ms. Carolin Stengel: +49 (0) 171 40 38 822

    Email: h.stengel@wein-und-sektkellerei-stengel.de

    Website: www.wein-und-sektkellerei-stengel.de/


    The winery and sparkling-wine cellar Stengel is a family-run enterprise in the sixth generation with a longstanding tradition winning numerous prices for its high quality sparkling wines over the past years. In 2008 they were awarded with the “Bundesehrenpreis,” awarded by the government, as best German sparkling wine maker. Their high quality standards have secured them a spot within the top ten German sparkling wine makers for the past ten years. Stengel stands for tradition and high quality in harmony with nature. In the cellars of the Stengel family, sparkling wine has been produced with the traditional Dom Perignon method.

    Area of Activity

    The winery and sparkling wine cellar Stengel is a privately owned producer of different wines, sparkling wines

    and spirits.

    Products and Services

    The assortment includes an extensive variety of high quality sparkling wines in long-term yeast storage. The

    product range encompasses pure sparkling wines as well as cuvées with regional and international taste

    characteristics and style. One of the wineries highlights are the sparkling wines characterised by the muscatgrape.The offered products range from brut nature to sweet. The yeast storage has a minimum of 1 year and up to 15 years for some specialities. For their products only high quality grapes are used, all of which are handpicked. Stengel is a sign for success and for a special event. It is an important player in the big theatre of impressions and emotions of the bestmoments in your life. It is a sparkling master of your happiness! Along with their award winning wines and sparkling-wines, Stengel produces red and white wines, liquors and fine brandies.The company is looking for the following partners Stengel is looking to meet with importers, distributors, food retailers and companies from the catering sector specialising on high quality wine and sparkling wine products.


    Weingut Adam

    Mr. Thomas Adam

    Am Weiher 18,

    55288 Portenheim

    Tel.: +49 (0) 6732 12 89

    Mobile: +49 (0) 171 37 64 006

    Fax +49 (0) 6732 93 0909

    Email: t.adam@weingut-adam.de

    Website: www.weingut-adam.de


    The family Adam has been running its vineyard since four generations and has devoted its energy in the cultivation and production of wines. With a total of 17 vines and state of the art technology in wine production, the vineyard Adam produces high quality wines which have received numerous awards. A particular focus of the winery Adam lies in the cultivation and production of red wine.

    Area of Activity

    The vineyard Adam produces a variety of wines.

    Products and Services

    A variety of red wines are offered by the winery, produced by a number of different grapes. Examples of these are the award-winning Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Cabernet Sauvignon and the Dornfelder. Additionally, the Pinot Noir is a vegan wine. Alongside the selection of red wines, the winery produces a range of fine red and white wines with different flavours, ranging from dry wines to sweet variations. Different vines such as the Silvaner, Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Gris, and Noir as well as Cabernet Sauvignon and Muller-Thurgau are used to create a fine selection. A number of their white wines have also received international awards. To round off their assortment, the vinery produces a selection of sparkling wines, a strawberry secco and vintners’ mulled wines.

    The company is looking for the following partners

    The Vineyard Adam is interested in meeting buyers from the food sector as well as importers of wines and



    World of Boutique Wines GmbH

    Mr. Jan Kreutz

    Auf der Hardt 27

    56130 Bad Ems

    Tel.: +49 (0) 2603 91 09 383

    Mobile: +49 (0) 178 69 90 985

    Email: info@boutique-wines.com

    Website: www.weinevents.eu


    The World of Boutique Wines is a young, innovative and dynamic wine merchant. World of Boutique Wines GmbH is your partner for German quality wines. They export more than 500 wines from 40 leading German vintners. All of the vintners have won national and international wine awards. The wines come from the top German wine regions. The company name “boutique wines” refers to high quality wines from smaller vineyards, produced with a lot of craftsmanship. Other than industrial and mass market wines, boutique wines are individual wines – every boutique wine has its own distinct flavour. World of Boutique Wines closely cooperates with members of the VDP, an association that 200 of the best German vintners are members of. The founder and CEO of World of Boutique Wines GmbH is Jan Kreutz. He has studied at the British Wine and

    Spirit Education Trust (WSET) and successful completed the level 3 WSET.

    Area of Activity

    The company’s main focus is selling and exporting German wines from over 40 German winemakers.


    Products and Services

    The World of Boutique Wines GmbH offers a wide range of premium red wines, white wines, rosés and sparkling wines. These originate from the Moselle, Rhine district, Pfalz (Palatinate), Rheinhessen, and Baden region. Exclusively quality and premium wines with highest standards are found in the portfolio and all wines are made by wineries and none are from wine cellars. Included are a large variety of grapes and types of wines. Additionally, the majority of wines offered have won national and international wine prizes. The selection includes dry, off-dry, off-sweet, sweet and luscious wines.

    The company is looking for the following partners The company would like to meet with importers, distributors and wine-dealers as well as contacts from the retail sector, including supermarket chains. Additionally, meetings with clients from the hotel and food service

  • The School of Culinary Arts & Food Technology, DIT,

    To mark the School’s 75th Anniversary and developing links with TaiwanDescription: Description: cid:image001.jpg@01D122E2.ECC65830

    The School of Culinary Arts & Food Technology, DIT,

    in association with the Taipei Representative Office in Ireland invite you to:


    Cookery and Fruit Carving Demonstration


    from 3:00 to 5:00 pm on 31st of May 2016

    Venue: Kathleen O’Sullivan Theatre

    at School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology,

    DIT, Cathal Brugha Street, Dublin 1.

     Demonstrated by Prf. Yi-Chun Lee and Mr. Kuo-Chih Wen, followed by a reception


    Opening Address by H.E. Representative Simon S.K.TU and

    Dr Frank Cullen Head of School, School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology.

  • Argentina April 2016

    Oliver Murtagh, President Irish Guild of Sommeliers & Andrew O' Gorman making presentations to Julie Dupouy - Young at the Palace Bar, Dublin on winning a bronze medal at the World Sommelier Competitions in Argentina. All 3 traveled to Argentina.

    Oliver Murtagh, President Irish Guild of Sommeliers & Andrew O’ Gorman making presentations to Julie Dupouy – Young at the Palace Bar, Dublin on winning a bronze medal at the World Sommelier Competitions in Argentina. All 3 traveled to Argentina.

    AI2016 all competitors



    Presentation by Oliver Murtagh President Irish Guild of Sommeliers of a bottle of CONNEMARA TURF MÓR SMALL BATCH Irish WHISKEY

    Presentation by Oliver Murtagh President Irish Guild of Sommeliers of a bottle of CONNEMARA TURF MÓR SMALL BATCH Irish WHISKEY to Andreas Rosberg President Argentina Sommellier Association



    • Nose: Really deep and heavy Peat nose with slight hint of orchard fruits.
    • Taste: Deep strong almost, but not quite overpowering Peat and Turf. Creamy smooth mouth feel with no alcohol burn despite the cask strength
    • Finish: Extremely long and pleasant peaty finish.
    • Name: Connemara Turf Mór Peated Irish Whiskey ABV: 58.2%
      Age Statement: No Age Statement
      Whiskey Type: Peated Double Distilled Irish Whiskey
      Cask Type: Matured in bourbon barrels and sherry butts

    newimage3Irish FlagWCC 2WCC I 2016WCC3moet-and-chandon-6-case-hires_1_2Teeling-Single-Cask-1401-Burgundy-776x1176





    AS3Teatro de la Independicia, Mendoza, Argentina. Best World   Sommelier Argentina 2016LtoR Mike O' Connor, DIT Cathal Brugha St., Julie Dupouy winner, Oliver Murtagh, President Irish Guild of Sommeliers, Pedro Julian Jiminezes Lopez runner up, Mary O' Callaghan, Andy O' Gorman.Somm

    AS5AS7P1040265 (2)P1040266P1040479 (1)P1040488


    Wines of Argentina today

    Andrew O’ Gorman

    Email andrew.ogorman2015@gmail.com



    Wines of Argentina is the organization that, since 1993, promotes the Argentine wine brand and image worldwide, spreading knowledge of the winemaking regions of Argentina. In addition, WofA contributes to direct the country’s export strategy by studying and analyzing changing trends in consumer markets.

    Its aim is to contribute to the consolidation of Argentina as one of the main wine exporting countries in the world and to the global success of the Argentine wine industry by enhancing its positive image in the wine trade, among opinion leaders and consumers. It currently provides services to member wineries from every Argentine wine region and helps them to promote their products around the world. It organizes numerous events such as fairs, trade shows, tastings and other activities in the USA, Canada, Latin America, Asia, Europe and elsewhere.

    In view of the impressive growth of the wine industry in the last decade, Wines of Argentina detected the need to create a new identity, reflecting the professionalism, development and prestige of Argentine winemaking in the world.

    In 1993, the Argentine Winemaking Association created the antecedent to today’s organization: “Argentine Top Wines,” an association formed by little more than a dozen exporting wineries producing wines that were prestigious at home and were starting to earn some recognition abroad.

    Two years later, in 1995, an “Agreement for the Promotion of Fine Argentine Wines Abroad” was signed by the Federal and the Provincial Governments (including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Fundación Exportar, Pro Mendoza and Promex, of the Ministry of Agriculture), as well as by the exporting wineries of Argentina.

    It was decided that a country brand would be used by this industry for promotional purposes at international events and fairs. That is how Wines of Argentina was born.

    WofA’s first PR and Press office opened in the UK in 1998, and in that year the first Annual Tasting was held in London with the participation of 35 wineries under the sponsorship of the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Fundación Exportar.

    In 1999 a Special Fund was created for the promotion of Argentine wines in the UK and USA markets.

    In 2002 a first seminar and workshop was organized by WofA with the purpose of defining the new profile of the organization and identifying the necessary resources to reach its objectives.

    One year later, a study was carried out to define the attributes of the Argentina brand and the positioning of our wines abroad. As a result of this, a new institutional image was designed in 1999 and a first advertising campaign was launched in the USA, England and Brazil.

    Today Wines of Argentina is present in 50 countries and more than 72 cities all over the world through different actions. That is why the aim for the near future is to keep on building the Argentina brand in the wine market by means of communication actions, training, spread of knowledge and a constant search for excellence in the promotion of Argentine wines.

    The Catena family have been producing wines in Mendoza in Argentina for many generations but in the 1980s after Nicholas Catena visited California, he had the vision to see that unless Argentina could produce world-class wines, its produce would be commoditised and worth very little to the company.

    After many years of trials and analyses of soils, climates and altitudes, the 1994 Catena Alta Malbec received 94 points on the Robert Parker 100 point scale. In 2009 Nicholas Catena was the first South American to be awarded Decanter’s Man of the Year. Argentina may have arrived, but it was and still is far from a finished product.  Malbec is now seen as its signature grape, and experimentation continues at great pace to develop its industry as a whole.

    Earlier this year Marcelo Belmonte, viticulturist for leading Argentine producer Trapiche, gave a masterclass in Dublin at which he showed nine single-vineyard Malbec wines. Each retails between €30 and €40 and each showed how extreme location and climates need to be understood so that world class wines can be produced through the Andes.

    The Catena family has through Laura Catena, recently launched the “Atland: A Limitless Argentina “range, showcasing each of the four main wine producing regions: Mendoza, Patagonia, La Rioja and Salta.

    Brands such as Michel Torino have consistently shown how exciting high altitude wines can be. Dona Paula continues its climb up Ireland’s  top 50 wine brands , while at the same time showing off  an amazing  crisp, cool climate Riesling at a tasting last year (2015).

    Argentina has achieved extraordinary success in the past two decades by exploring its valleys and mountainsides to find the best sites possible.

    Tom Lynch from Dublin produces his El Comandante label in Argentina.



    Hotel Sheraton Mendoza.

    Thursday, 14th April

    A 4 course dinner & tasting hosted by Gabriel Roitman, Mendal wines with winemaker Roberto De La Mota. A special invitation was extended to the Irish Guild of Sommelier delegates by Noelia Niera and Marcos Anzorena of the Wine Shop in Hotel Huentala, Primitivo de la Reta 1007, 5500 Mendoza

    Hotel Huentala

    Friday 15th.

    Huentala Wines tasted in Hotel Huentala Restaurant, Primitivo de la Reta 1007, 5500 Mendoza, Argentina included Malbec 2013 and 2015 with Noelia Niera

    The Irish Guild of Sommeliers delegation stayed at this Hotel for 3 days prior to the official programme.

    Wines Huentala

    In Mendoza, Tupungato, at the foot of the Andes is Gualtallary area, a natural paradise chosen to develop Huentala Wines. The project consists of 230 hectares of vineyards exclusive, themed hotel surrounded by a dream landscape for those who appreciate the good life and a winery to produce wines of high quality. With more than 300 sunny days a year to 1,300 meters above sea level, a marked temperature range which causes a gradual maturation and resulting in complex wines with personality stands out. Since 2010 we elaborated with grapes from our own vineyards under the control and standards of the best winemakers in Argentina with great international prestige that pervade their stamp on each bottle, making each crop has its own essence. The hotel has exclusive rooms and a hall for social and corporate events. A relaxation area with an exceptional view that you can enjoy all the beauty of its unique landscapes.




    Winery visits 15th – 19th April


    Friday 15th

    Opening ceremony at Park Hyatt.

    Bodega Trapiche ; welcome with Trapiche Vino Spumante extra brut, tasting & dinner,

    Argentine cuisine with a bit of history,  chef Lucas Bustos,

    Meet Marcelo Belmonte, Viniculture Director, who gave a Malbec master class at Comans trade fair in Dublin 2015



    Saturday 16th.

    Bodega Locra : morning tasting of Mauricio Locra & Enrique Foster new vintages plus full range of sparkling & vintage wines with Mauricio & winemaker Gabriela Zavala, the harvest was in progress.

    Bodega Catena Zapata:  Greeted by quartet and glass of sparkling, welcomed by the Catena Family, Nicolas, Laura & Silvana, toured the cellars, followed by lunch cooked on open fires, wines served : Chardonnay 2013, Malbec 2001 & Saint Felicien Semillon doux 2012, Chief winemaker Alejandro Vigil


    Moet & Chandon cocktail reception. and announcement of 15 Semi Finalists




    Sunday 17th.

    Bodega Terrazas de los Andes : tasting of high altitude wines in the cellars followed by beef lunch with Malbec Reserva 2014, in magnum  to finish single vineyard El Yaima 2014 presented by Estate Director Herve Birnie- Scott..

    Argentine wine fair at the Sheraton Hotel: followed by Malbec World Day celebration organized by WofA at  Nava Cultural Centre.


    Monday 18th

    Day in the Uco Valley  : Clos de Los Siete ( five individual wineries ) ” A star shining on the horizon ”

    1100 meters above sea level, Presentation tasting: Bodega Diam Andes ,Rolland, Monteviejo, Cuvelier Los Andes & Clos de los Siete. Buffet of local cheeses & fruits .


    Familia Zuccardi Winery for lunch and tasting: words of welcome from Jose Alberto Zuccardi, Director & Sabastian Zuccardi winemaker of the year 2016


    Rutini Winery : Sparkling wine reception, cheese and oregano empanadas & Gazpacho,

    Lamb, goat, beef ribs split chicken & vegetables roasted on open fire.

    wines : Chardonnay 2014, Malbec 2013, Antologia xxxv 2010, Vin dux Natural 2012, Encabezado de Malbec 2013

    Grappa Rutini, head winemaker Mariano Di Paola.


    Tuesday 19th

    Auditorio Angel Bustelo  : Seminar and tasting

    ( 1 ) White and Sparkling wines from Argentina, 8 wines poured ( 2 panels of 4 winemakers )

    ( 2 ) Ageing potential of Argentine wines,   8 wines poured 1942 – 2014 vintages, ( 2 panels of 4 )

    This was an excellent seminar.

    Gala Dinner and Medal presentation : Bodega Los Toneles.

    All winery visits were excellent and their tastings, presentations and hospitality were of a very high standard.







    Taste to the Test – Sommelier Julie Dupuoy on Winning … – TheTaste.ie


    May 31, 2016 – Taste to the Test – Sommelier Julie Dupuoy on Winning a Place Among the World’s Best … When Julie Dupouy earned her place among the world’s top three …. Next story Neil Mulholland – Leader of the Pack at Peploe’s … TheTaste.ie is a new online magazine dedicated to Ireland’s growing foodie culture.

    Ireland’s top sommelier crowned third in the world – Irish Times

    Julie Dupouy took bronze in gruelling world championships of 60 wine experts

    Julie Dupouy, Best Sommelier in Ireland, and newly crowned third-best sommelier in the world. Photograph: Irish Guild of  Sommeliers Julie Dupouy, Best Sommelier in Ireland, and newly crowned third-best sommelier in the world. Photograph: Irish Guild of Sommeliers

    Irish sommelier Julie Dupouy has been named the third best sommelier in the world. One of just four women in the semi-final and the first ever to reach the final of the world championships, Dupouy was crowned by the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale at the final in Mendoza, Argentina earlier this week.

    Dupouy, who was representing the Irish Guild of Sommeliers, works in the Greenhouse restaurant in Dublin as well as running an independent consultancy, DowntoWine. She is now also officially the best female sommelier in the world.

    This is the most challenging and prestigious competition for sommeliers, held every three years, where contestants go through a series of rigorous tests, written and practical, that includes blind tastings, the serving of wine, spirits, beer and coffee, and matching drinks to various menus.

    From 60 sommeliers all over the world, 15 go through to the semi-finals. From this elite group, three are selected for the final.

    To reach the world championships, she first won Best sommelier in Ireland in 2015, while her previous accolades include being Ireland’s best sommelier in 2009 and 2012, and she was a semi-finalist in Best Sommelier in Europe 2013.

    Originally from France, Dupouy has lived in Ireland for many years, and has previously worked as sommelier for Fallon and Byrne, The Residence Club and two-Michelin star Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud. She is married to Irishman Paul Young, manager at the Greenhouse. The overall winner of the competition was Sweden’s Arvid Rosengren.

    Irish Independent – Liam Campbell

    Julie Dupouy represented Ireland at the World’s Best Sommelier Competition in Argentina recently. More than 1,000 entrants from restaurants and wine-bars have taken part in the qualifying events. Held every three years, it has never been won by a woman. Tantalisingly, this year, Julie finished in third position and was awarded the bronze medal, the highest position of all the women contestants. (21/5/2016)

    Sniff out your perfect match

    Pairing the right wine with food can be a terroir, so let experts guide you by the glass

    Katy McGuinness

    The Sunday Times

    Greenhouse’s Julie Dupouy is officially the third best sommelier in the world PAUL SHARP

    For many of us, when it comes to matching what we drink with what we eat, “white with fish, red with meat” is as far as it goes. Some gastronomes, however, insist we are missing out if we don’t explore the world of wine pairing, based on the premise that drinking a particular wine with a particular food can enhance the experience of both, creating a thrilling combination that is more than the sum of its parts. Full article on Sunday Times.








    Mendoza is the capital city of Mendoza Province, in Argentina. It is located in the northern-central part of the province, in a region of foothills and high plains, on the eastern side of the Andes. As of the 2010 census Mendoza had a population of 115,041 with a metropolitan area population of 1,055,679, making Greater Mendoza the fourth largest census metropolitan area in the country.

    Ruta Nacional 7, the major road running between Buenos Aires and Santiago, runs through Mendoza. The city is a frequent stopover for climbers on their way to Aconcagua (the highest mountain in the Western and Southern Hemispheres) and for adventure travellers interested in mountaineering, hiking, horseback riding, rafting, and other sports. In the winter, skiers come to the city for its easy access to the Andes.

    Two of the main industries of the Mendoza area are olive oil production and Argentine wine. The region around Greater Mendoza is the largest wine producing area in Latin America. As such, Mendoza is one of nine cities worldwide in the network of Great Capitals of Wine, and the city is an emerging enotourism (Wine tourism) destination and base for exploring the region’s hundreds of wineries located along the Argentina Wine Route.

    Mendoza and Wine

    Counting with a cultivated area which represents 70% of the national vineyards, Mendoza is the most important wine centre of the country and one of the Great Wine Capitals.

    One of the most attractive tourist proposals of the province are the Wine Routes , which invite visitors to discover ancient cellars, impotent architectural projects and taste excellent yields which are product of carefully chosen grapes.


    During the tour you can find wine houses, museums and theme bars, all of them settled in the Central, East , Uco Valley and Southern regions, in addition to discover the history and culture that identifies each area. The circuits can be contracted through local tour operators or visiting each hold (in this last case is recommended prior contact).

    Along with Melbourne, Bordeaux, San Francisco – Napa Valley, Porto, Cape Town, Bilbao – Rioja and Florence, Mendoza is considered one of the eight wine capitals worldwide


    Moet and Chandon Champagne are one of the main sponsors of the world competition and a particular word of thanks to John Cassidy, Sales Director, Edward Dillion and Company Limited agent for Moet and Chandon Champagne in Ireland for their sponsorship.

    Description: Description: cid:image001.jpg@01D122E2.ECC65830

    Thanks to Mike J. O’ Connor, Assistant Head of School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology, College of Arts and Tourism, Dublin Institute of Technology for making the facilities of the College available for the running of National Sommelier selection process. The Guild had a choice of using either the two College Restaurants.




    Single cask Teeling has spent its final few months in a white Burgundy (Chardonnay) cask. The whiskey has definitely taken on some wine notes with flavours of pineapple, vanilla and honey dominating what is a fresh, fruity and ultimately very enjoyable palate.

    A tasting of this whiskey took place in Mendoza during the World Sommelier Contest.

    Thanks to Jack Teeling Managing Director, Teeling Whiskey Co. for suppling the whiskey.

    Teeling Whiskey Revival

    Teeling Whiskey Revival

    Teeling Whiskey Revival

    The Revival bottling consists of 15 Year Old Single Malt Irish whiskey distilled in 1999, matured exclusively in ex-Rum casks and bottled at 46% with no chill filtration creating a truly unique Irish whiskey taste experience. This celebratory bottling is limited to only 10,000 bottles and will be available through the Teeling Whiskey Company’s distillery gift shop as well as domestic and international distribution partners.

    A presentation was made of this whiskey.


    Thanks to Oliver J. Murtagh, President Irish Guild of Sommeliers for his help and assistance in compiling reports/information while in Mendoza and since  returning from Argentina. Andrew O’ Gorman, Secretary, Irish Guild of Sommeliers Email andrew.ogorman2015@gmail.com

    Medal JulieWCC 22013_04262016Argentina0038


    Sorrel Moseley-Williams
    Sorrel Moseley-Williams

    MENDOZA – Huddled together in small groups, mentors rub backs and mop their wards’ brows, sommeliers easily distinguished from other revellers at a Moët & Chandon cocktail party thanks to perfectly pressed black suits and aprons. The tension and nerves crackled like an Andean electric storm around the Park Hyatt Mendoza hotel as 60 competitors from around the world chewed down cuticles, waiting to find out whether they’d earned one of 15 coveted places in the A.S.I. Concours du Meilleur Sommelier du MondeArgentina 2016 (A.S.I. Contest of the Best Sommelier of the World) semifinal.

    examen (7)
    Martín Bruno from Argentina at the exam. Ph: AAS

    A number rather than a name, #16, #17, #49 #27, was called out, meaningless unless you were the chosen one. Fortunately, Argentina’s great somm hope Paz Levinson’s (#49) destiny was cemented quickly, the second to be given a green light into the semis. And with the world’s top 15 anointed on Saturday night, the finest noses and palates then kicked off this physical and mental Olympic Games for somms with a 60-minute written exam at a particularly early 7.15am just hours later on Sunday. And that’s where the rollercoaster ride began: the 15 undertook a fast and furious series of practical tests designed to sort the Two Buck Chucks from the Burgundy Grand Crus, narrowing numbers down to just three finalists.

    The fifteen semi-finalists of the Best Sommelier of the World Contest  Argentina 2016
    The fifteen semi-finalists of the Best Sommelier of the World Contest Argentina 2016. Ph: AAS

    Separated from the masses on a mezzanine, candidates – Paz Levinson from Argentina; Robert Andersson from Sweden; Christian Jacobsen from Denmark; Heidi Mäkinen from Finland; Piotr Pietras from Poland; Rassavkin Alexander from the Russian Federation; Henrik Dalh Jahnsen from Norway; Gareth Ferreira from South Africa; Hiroshi Ishida from Japan; David Biraud from France; Elyse Lambert from Canada, Julie Dupouy from Ireland; Raimonds Tomsons from Latvia; Satoru Mori from Japan; and Arvid Rosengren from Sweden – anxiously awaited their turns to complete timed practical tests and hypothetical situations. Such as:

    Part one, taste, correctly name and allocate vintage, and offer pairings for a white and a rosé in front of scary judges and a crowd of onlookers first.

    Part two, pairing two wines to a smoked salmon blini in front of scary  judges, dealing with their mean questions, then correctly describing a wine – with more than 10,000 varietals in the world, that should be a walk in the park, right? – before attempting to convince more mean judges why they should include it at a party.

    Part three, fortified wine (port, sherry, madeira or marsala, for example) knowledge and service. Naturally, protocol is highly valued when it comes to serving scary judges.

    And part four, selling a visit to Argentina for a fictitious wine club to, yes, scary judges.

    examen (6)
    The exam. Ph: AAS

    Whisked in and out of four rooms, the whole semifinal shebang lasted around 25 minutes per somm; remember, candidates have to undertake this in their second language, which can either be English, French or Spanish. Poland chose English, as did Japan and Argentina.

    Speaking of Argentina, our great somm hope Paz put in an impeccable performance. I’d never seen her in action until today but she was utterly charming, relaxed, knowledgeable and adorable. If nerves were hovering, she left them back in Paris, where she resides.

    Paz Levinson compitiendo en la semifinal 2
    Paz Levinson competing at the semifinal. Ph: AAS

    In order to keep candidates’ minds off the tough five-day contest, they’ve been whipped around the Mendoza countryside to various wineries to sample Argentina’s finest grape-based wares and tuck into yummy food. In fact it’s been more like being on the Francis Mallmann diet, given that the legendary chef is catering for three such events, which included a lavish Roman-style banquet with somms reclining on large pillows around low tables, vegetables trussed up bondage style on wires and cooks spit-roasting whole pigs by hand. Somms and their delegations have also visited two wine fairs, one at the Sheraton featuring a mere 800 labels and a special event dedicated to Argentina’s favourite red grape at La Nave in honour of Malbec World Day.

    examen (3)
    The competitors. Ph: AAS

    Regardless, even the stunning Mendoza countryside teamed with fabulous vintages won’t keep Paz and company’s collective minds off the final. Only three sommeliers will make it to the last round, and only find out a few minutes before they have to compete. A physical and mental battle that only the very best oenological Olympian will win.

    Some #BestWorldSommARG2016 fun facts

    • Bolivia’s candidate Bertil Levin Tottenborg is actually from Denmark
    • New Zealand competed for the first time ever in 2016 with Michael Bancks
    • Argentina’s Martín Bruno shares the same birthday as me
    • The UK’s candidate is French-born Eric Zwiebel
    • And Ireland’s is French-born Julie Dupouy
    • Monaco’s Dominique Milardi is the eldest competitor at 50
    • And Norway’s Henrik Dalh Jahnsen from Norway is the youngest at 24
    • Wine unites us: Mauritius’ Jorald Julie saw my name badge at the Sheraton wine fair and told me we had a friend in common, Malene Ginete from the US embassy in South Africa, who told him to look out for me
    • More than 14,000 wine glasses have been washed and polished by sommelier volunteers for events.

    Posted by

    Andrew O’ Gorman, Secretary Irish Guild of Sommelier Email: andrew.ogorman2015@gmail.com

  • Didier Fiat Bronze Medallist in the World ‘Best Sommelier’ Competition in Rio de Janeiro,1992

     Didier_Fiat_With_Glass_Small Didier Fiat 

    • 1992 Bronze Medallist(3rd Place) in the World ‘Best Sommelier’ Competition  in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil representing the Irish Guild of Sommeliers
    • 1992 won the Irish Guild of Sommeliers Best Sommelier in Ireland competition
    • Won the Sopexa Ireland ‘Best Sommelier’ in French Wines. 
    • Was awarded the Wine & Spirit Education Trust Diploma.
    • He was also the Head Sommelier & Wine Buyer at the 5 Star ‘K Club’ for 14 years; has written wine articles for various publications such as Cara Magazine and Wine Ireland and even found time to give a few wine tasting presentations on the TV3 Show ‘Good Morning Ireland’.

    In 2005 Didier turned his full attention to developing Classique & Gourmet Wines Ltd.

    Oliver Murtagh, Irish Guild of Sommelier Chairman attended the competitions in Rio de Janeiro

  • Part3 15th ASI Contest of the Best Sommelier of the World, Argentina



    Congratulations to Julie on winning a bronze medal at the competition in Argentina.

    In order to represent Ireland at these competitions the competitor must be a member of the Irish Guild of Sommeliers and comply with the Irish Guild of Sommeliers selection process.

    Julie is currently the Irish Guild of Sommeliers Best Sommelier in Ireland.


    Irish Sommelier Julie Dupouy to Compete in the Finals at World’s Best …


    Apr 18, 2016 – Irish Sommelier Julie Dupouy has made it to the top 15 at the competition to find theWorld’s Best Sommelier, organised by Association de la …

    Publicity received in Vintners Federation of Ireland Magazine & Hospitality Ireland Magazine

  • Julie Dupouy at 2016 World Best Sommelier Competition

    Julie Dupouy

    2009, 2012, 2015 Irish Guild of Sommeliers Best Sommelier in Ireland 

    2013- 15th place  at  the Best Sommelier of the World Contest in Tokyo, Japan

    2013 – 8th place at the Best Sommelier of Europe Contest in San Remo, Italy

    2016 3rd place at the Best Sommelier of the World Contest in Mendoza, Argentina

    CountryWide Saturday 7 May 2016 – CountryWide – RTÉ Radio 1 – RTE

    Guild celebrates Julie’s success – Hospitalityenewshttp://www.hospitalityenews.ie/


    Apr 26, 2016 – The Irish Guild of Sommeliers has been celebrating the return home of Julie DupouyYoung following her remarkable achievement in being in

    May 7, 2016 – Julie Dupouy has been living here for the last ten years, and over that time she has won the Best Sommelier in Ireland award a number of times. … in Dublin yesterday to hear what it takes to be one of the best in the world. .


    Sommelier Julie for Argentina Final – Hospitalityenews


    Sep 4, 2015 – Julie Dupouy, Greenhouse Restaurant, Dawson Street, Dublin and … Ltd., will represent Ireland at the World Sommelier Competitions in ..

    Ireland’s Top Sommelier Crowned Third In The World | Hospitality …

    www.hospitalityireland.com/irelands-top-sommelier-crowned-third-in-the…/26704Hospitality Ireland Magazine

    Apr 21, 2016 – Irish representative Julie Dupouy (pictured) was crowned the third best sommelier in the world following four days of intense competition in …

    Hotel & Restaurant Timeshttp://hotelandrestauranttimes.ie/best-sommelier-of-the-world-competition-in-argentina/



    Julie Dupouy Young comes global 3rd – Drinks Industry Ireland


    May 6, 2016 – Julie, the winner of the Best Sommelier in Ireland 2015

    .S.I.-Logo-ASI_1969 (1)


    Association de la Sommellerie Internationale: ASI


    Jon Arvid Rosengren 15th Best Sommelier of the World. Sweden is not renowned for its viticulture so far but it is now famous for its high level sommeliers

    Best Sommelier of the World: Tips from the top – The Squeeze

    thesqueezemagazine.com › Read

    Apr 15, 2016 – We speak to the world’s best sommeliers for their advice and tips on becoming theBest Sommelier of the World.

    The Argentinian  Irish Connection


    So how did this connection come about? To find the answer, we must take ourselves back to the beginning of the nineteenth century when Spain was the imperial power in Argentina. In this period a wave of wars of independence swept Spanish America, led by Simon Bolivar, Bernardo O’Higgins, Jose Artigas and Jose de San Martin. San Martin was the hero of the Argentine War of Independence which was achieved in 1816. Admiral William Brown from Foxford, Co Mayo played a prominent role in the war of independence, being the founder of the Argentine Navy.

    Another Irishman, John Thomand O’Brien from Wicklow, also played a prominent role in the war, being adjutant to San Martin. It is said that San Martin asked O’Brien to go back to Ireland for 200 emigrants at a time when Argentina was a country of vast unclaimed lands and there was an opportunity for advancement in the wool and meat trades. O’Brien spent the 1827/28 period trying to recruit emigrants in Ireland, without success. However, he met John Mooney from Streamstown, near Ballymore and persuaded him to move to Argentina. His sister Mary Bookey and her husband, Patrick Bookey went with him and they began work on a sheep farm in the Pampas area.

    Amongst the Argentinians who claim Irish ancestry was Che Guevara, born in Buenos Aires to Mary Lynch from Galway. The

    The man who raised the Irish flag over the GPO at Easter 1916 was from Argentina. Shortly after midday on Easter Monday 1916, the Argentinian born Eamon Bulfin climbed onto the roof of the GPO and unfurled the Irish Republican tri-colour. Argentina was one of the first countries to recognise Ireland as an independent State in 1922.


    Irish Flag 

    Eamon Bulfin was the son of William Bulfin, who arrived in Argentina in 1884, and was to become an early editor of the Southern Cross and a best-selling travel writer.

    Eamon was born in Buenos Aires in 1892 and returned to Ireland with his family at the age of 16. He attended Pearse’s school, St Enda’s, and UCD, where he joined the Irish Volunteers and captained the 1915 Fitzgibbon Cup-winning hurling team. He worked closely with Pearse on the planning and preparation of the Rising, including storing arms and ammunition at St Enda’s.

    On the morning of Easter Monday, April 24th, in the GPO, James Connolly asked Sean O’Kelly to fetch two flags from Liberty Hall. When the flags arrived, Connolly asked Bulfin to put them up on the flagpoles on either end of the roof. Bulfin hoisted the Tricolour at the corner of Henry Street and a green flag with the inscription “Irish Republic” at the corner of Prince’s Street.

    After the Rising, Bulfin was sentenced to death, but – like Eamon de Valera – his foreign passport saved him. Following the intercession of the Argentine ambassador, he was deported to Buenos Aires in March 1917. Afraid to anger Britain, whose economic and thus political influence in Argentina was still enormous, the Argentine authorities imprisoned him for evading military service, even though he had been a schoolboy when he had left Argentina with his family eight years previously.

    When he was released from prison in 1919, he was appointed by de Valera as the first consul of the Irish republic in Buenos Aires, a post he held until he returned to live in Derrinlough, near Birr in Co Offaly, his father’s native place, in 1922.


    Terrazas de los Andes




    Argentina, Wine & Culture




    Q&A with Julie Dupouy, ASI World Sommelier Competition Bronze Medalist – WSET


    Best World Wine Sommelier | Clos de los Siete


    More information under NEWS/ARGENTINA 2016

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    Andrew O’ Gorman, Secretary Irish Guild of Sommeliers Email: andrew.ogorman2015@gmail.com





  • Presidents



    Incoming President Mary O’ Callaghan being congratulated by outgoing President Oliver Murtagh

  • Burgundy – Bordeaux Debate

    Among wine lovers, there is no greater divide than that between Burgundy and Bordeaux.

    These are the world’s most celebrated wine regions, different places producing different styles of wine.

    What separates them and why the great rivalry?


    Wine connoisseurs Jancis Robinson of the Financial Times (Burgundy) will debate the issue with John Wilson of the Irish Times (Bordeaux), chaired by Master of Wine Lynne Coyle of O’Briens Wines.


    Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of this debate on


    Thursday 19th May, 7.30-9.30pm


    at the RDS Concert Hall, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4


    The debate is sponsored by O’Briens Wines and supported by the Merrion Hotel.


    A great opportunity to entertain your clients or simply enjoy a stimulating evening with your friends.

    Tickets are €35.00 each and include a glass of Burgundy and a glass of Bordeaux.


    For further details and to book go to:


    or call us on 01 287 5524 to reserve your places.Bordeaux