“Rioja” and the “Spanish Embassy” will be holding a masterclass and tasting about Rioja, focusing on the last regulations approved by the control board and different wine styles.

    Presented by

    Pedro Jimenez  “Certified Rioja Wine Educator”

    The tasting and masterclass are only open to Trade and Press.

    If you would like to register, please use the link below


    It will take place on the 13th June from 12pm to 13:30pm

    VENUE: “Instituto Cervantes” Lincoln House, 6-16 Lincoln Pl, Dublin 2, D02 VH29

  • ASI APAS Contest of the Best Sommeliers of the Americas, Canada 2018


    Press release

    Closing an historic week for sommeliers of the Americas at the ASI & APAS Contest of the Best Sommelier of the Americas, Canada 2018

    Pier-Alexis Soulière now focuses on
    The Best Sommelier of the World contest 2019

    Montreal, May 25 – The new best sommelier of the Americas, Mr. Pier-Alexis Soulière, said he is now focusing on The Best Sommelier of the World contest, Belgium 2019, after closing an intense week of competition with 19 other sommeliers from 10 countries representing the continent.

    As the winner of  the ASI & APAS Contest of the Best Sommelier of the Americas, Canada 2018, Soulière qualified directly to the sommelier world’s most important competition. Soulière became the best sommelier of the Americas last Thursday after winning a dramatic final over Argentina’s Martin Bruno, who came in second, and Canada’s Carl Villeneuve Lepage, who took third place.

    The results confirmed that Ms Valeria Gamper, from Argentina, finished number four, and became the best female sommelier of the continent. Regardless the tradition of female competitors winning the previous editions, this 2018 edition of the competition had only two women taking part. Misato Inaoka, representing Chile came in on the tenth position.

    Behind Valeria Gamper, the other semi-finalists ranked in this order: Luis Antonio Morones Lopez, from Mexico, was fifth, Diego Arrebola, from Brazil, sixth, Joseph Ruiz Acosta, from Peru, seventh, and Steve Ayon Espitia, from Mexico eight.

    At the gala dinner proceeding the announcement of the winner, Andres Rosberg president of ASI, talked about the future of sommellerie and the new generation of strong competitors with great skills and talent. At the end of his speech he presented the final ranking of the candidates:
    4. Valeria Gamper, Argentina
    5. Luis Antonio Morones Lopez, Mexico
    6. Diego Arrebola, Brazil
    7. Joseph Ruiz Acosta, Peru
    8. Steva Ayon Espitia, Mexico
    9. Federico de Moura, Uruguay
    10. Misato Inaoka, Chile
    11. Andres Villegas Green, Colombia
    12. Paulo Limarque, Brazil
    13. Pablo Rodriguez, Uruguay
    14. Gonzalo Troncoso, Chile

    The remaining participants were: Mr. Juan David Quintero from Colombia, Mr. Dario Rosario Mejía and Mr. Federico Díaz Macias from The Dominican Republic, Mr. Simon Zalimben and Mr. Christian Mezger from Paraguay and Mr. Diego Vásquez Luque from Peru.

    After 3 days of competition most of the candidates and delegates accepted the invitation to attend a three-day trip to Nova Scotia with visits at various wineries, courtesy of CAPS partners. ASI is also grateful for all the help and support provided by its own partners. (see the list of partners below)

    Upcoming events:
    15thto 18thof October 2018 The Best Sommelier of Asia & Oceania is taking place in Kyoto. Japan has one of the world’s largest sommelier associations with more than 13.000 members.
    10thto 15thof March 2019 The Best Sommelier of the World is due in Antwerp, Belgium. Preparations for the contest have already been on going for a year.
    For any inquiry on media, please contact Liora Levi
    For all other inquiries please contact Michèle Chantôme Aström

    Official images 

    Social Networks
    Facebook: @AssociationSommellerieInternationale
    Instagram: @Sommellerie_ASI
    Twitter: @Sommellerie_ASI


    Official program 



    “Viu Manent – Masters of Colchagua”, Tasting, taking place this Thursday 24th May at 14.00hrs in Cavern Wine Bar on Baggot Street. Please see below the details of the tasting.





    14.00hrs – 15.30hrs

    About Viu Manent

    Viu Manent is a Chilean winery owned by the Viu family. Viu Manent is the current Wines of Chile Winery of the Year, while in 2017 Decanter called them Chile’s Masters of Malbec with over 50 different clones. Viu Manent was founded in 1935 when the Catalonian immigrant Miguel Viu-García and his two sons Agustín and Miguel Viu-Manent founded Bodegas Viu in Santiago de Chile. They bottled and sold wine on the local market under the “Vinos Viu” brand.

    In 1966 Miguel Viu Manent fulfilled his long-time dream of making his own wines when he acquired the Hacienda San Carlos de Cunaco in Colchagua. This traditional estate included 150 hectares of vineyards planted to noble, pre-phylloxera vines, as well as a winery and manor house. It was no coincidence that he chose this particular property; it had long supplied the much of the wine he sold as Vinos Viu.


    The Viu Manent Philosophy

    What exactly is one’s own? … ”That which identifies us and by which we can recognize ourselves.”

    “ We love our property, our family and our traditions. We love our work, which we see as the motor that can propel us toward fulfilling our dreams. We believe in transcendence, in putting our heart into things and that the only way to do something is to do it to the best of our abilities. We have a strong bond with wine; we love its living essence and its sensitivity. We believe that Chile is a privileged territory for the production of wines and that Colchagua is a magical valley where the soil, climate and grapes seem to be blessed.”

    –        We believe in attention to detail and in respecting the environment.

    –        We believe that history and tradition provide us with knowledge and experience, while innovation and modernity help us to advance toward our goal.

    –        We believe in teamwork and in the talented, professional and committed people who work with us.

    –        We are committed to transmitting this philosophy into our daily mission.


    We look forward to welcoming you to this great “Viu Manent – Masters of Colchagua”,  tasting and sharing some of Chile’s great wines with you.

    Please RSVP to info@Mackenway.com

  • Council Meeting

    The next council meeting will be held at the Palace Bar, Fleet Street, Dublin on 15th May at 11am

  • ASI News, New Logo & Julie

    07.05.2018 BY ASI
    Best sommelier of Ireland in 2018 is Julie Dupouy Young

    Julie has been in the wine business since 2003. She started working in France and shortly after moved to Ireland with a short stop in Belgium, Luxembourg and Scotland too.

    Her education started with languages and French literature studies, but she decided to go to catering as she wanted to become a sommelier. Julie passed her “mention complementaire sommellerie” in 2003. Since then she has studied with the WSET and achieved Diploma in 2015 as well as WSET Level in Sake in 2017.

    She has held the title of best sommelier of Ireland since 2009. Before competing in Ireland, she entered the Best Sommelier in France in 2008 and was one of the 12 semi-finalists.

    Julie also competed at the World Championship in Tokyo and Mendoza and the European championship in San Remo and Vienna.

    Her best international performance was at the World Sommelier Contest in Mendoza 2016, where she placed 3rd.

    Her dream is to show to the world that a lady can be No1 in the world of sommellerie.

    Her qualities as a sommelier are widely recognised and as a judge in some of the most prestigious wine events in the world, the Decanter Awards in London among others.

    Today she is working as a sommelier in a Michelin-star restaurant called Chapter One in Dublin 1.

    As Best Sommelier of Ireland in 2018, we asked her few questions, and here is her response:
    Q1: You won the sommelier contest in Ireland in 2018. Did you expect it and how do you feel about it?

    Julie: I am delighted to have won the title of Best Sommelier of Ireland again. You can’t ever expect to win a competition. You can be confident that you have done the work and that you have the potential to earn it, but you still need to be able to deliver your best on the day. Things went very well this time, and I am delighted with the result.

    Q2: How do you think the title of Best Sommelier of Ireland will change your life?

    Julie: I am incredibly proud to have won Best Sommelier, and hopefully this will give me the opportunity to work towards my ultimate goal and dream which would be the first woman to win the World title. This title would then allow me the platform to inspire other sommeliers, particularly women.

    Q3: What is the status of sommeliers in Ireland? What can be improved?

    Julie: Despite the fact that we do see a considerable amount of improvement regarding the wine culture in Ireland, there are not many sommeliers in the country. First of all, there is no official qualification delivered in the country to become a sommelier. I think it would be fantastic if we could see a sommelier certificate offered by the catering schools in Ireland. The WSET is very present, but the focus is on knowledge and not the service aspect of the job. A few people in the country now travel around Europe to attend the Court of Master Sommelier classes which shows that there is a growing interest and that people are willing to invest in their wine qualification, often taking time off on their holidays, but I believe that it should be available in the country.

    Q4: You have a great knowledge about food and wine. What do you think you can do to promote your national beverages and gastronomy?

    I absolutely love the food offering in Ireland lately. The standards of quality, especially when it comes to meat, dairy products, locally grown vegetables and sea food is outstanding and I do my best to spread the good word as much as I can on social media. I also have been invited to talk at “Food on the Edge” this coming October which is a great honour as ethical eating and food education is a topic which is very dear to me. Regarding beverages the offering of craft beers, gin and whisky has boomed in the last few years and I am always proud to bring some examples with me to different countries I go to introduce them to my colleagues and peers. In Chapter One Restaurant we also have by the glass the only Irish wine produced by Lusca and a strawberry wine produced by the Wicklow Way Wines, it gives an opportunity to the tourists visiting the restaurant to sample some local beverages and to the locals to discover some products they might not be familiar with.

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    A S I – N E W S
    May 2018
    ASI presents new logo and monthly newsletter
    by Andrés Rosberg

    Welcome to our first issue

    Please allow me to introduce our inaugural newsletter, which will be sent to you in the beginning of each month with the news of ASI, its national member associations, and, of course, its partners. We encourage you to resend it to the members of your association, and to share your news with us so we can tell the world about it!

    ASI is now gearing up for its first continental competition of the year: the ASI & APAS Best Sommelier of the Americas contest, which will be held at the end of May in the fantastic city of Montreal, Canada, and will gather together the best two somms from eleven Pan American countries. This major event is a tremendous opportunity to increase the exposure of our global association and to improve the overall level of sommellerie throughout the Americas, and we will report about it in next month’s issue of #ASInews.

    Also, after ten months of hard work of the new Board and Committees of ASI, we’re starting to reap what we have sown. There is more and more good news coming our way. Today we are honoured to unveil ASI’s new logo to the world, approved by the vast majority of our members, and praised by our partners! There is something intrinsically universal in the shape of a circle that perfectly symbolizes the very nature of ASI. From a practical standpoint, the circle is also an incredibly versatile form that ideally suits our needs!

    Building on a rich history, ASI is evolving to meet the needs of both current and future generations. The new logo and newsletter are just two examples of how ASI envisions its future by creating opportunities for increased member and industry engagement, building international commitment to the profession, and expanding outreach to the sommellerie community. In other words, making our association stronger and more global than ever.

    Enjoy reading and we look forward to having you with us on the journey!

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  • Quintessentail Wines Spring Tasting

    Quintessentail Wines Spring Tasting

    Invitation from Camilla Healy to the Irish Guild of Sommeliers members

    Trade Event
    There will be about 50 wines from their portfolio. Quintessential are sure you will find some great wines to excite and intrigue your customers over the coming months.

    WHEN: Tuesday 8th May ( day after bank hol )
    WHERE: Roberta’s Restaurant – East Essex Street, Dublin 2.
    TIME: 10am to 5pm
    FORMAT: Self pour walkabout tasting
    Light refreshments available in the morning / early afternoon.

    If you would like to attend contact:
    Quintessential Wines 9 Dublin Road |Drogheda |Co Louth| A92 D684 |Ireland
    Tel +353 87 2745204 mobile
    Tel +353 41 9830960 office
    Seamus Daly seamus@quintessentialwines.ie

    Image may contain: plant