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17th October, 2012
The Teeling Whiskey Company signals intent with launch of Hybrid Product
The Independent Spirit of Irish Whiskey is Reborn
The Teeling Whiskey Company has announced its entry in to the marketplace by creating a whole new whiskey category with the launch of Hybrid Malt Whiskey.
Jack Teeling, Cooley Distillery’s former Managing Director founded The Teeling Whiskey Company in 2012 with the aim of bringing back a strong independent voice to the Irish whiskey market. The Teeling Whiskey Company will broaden consumer choice within the Irish whiskey category by creating unique handcrafted whiskeys based on a commitment to quality and innovation.
In the Teeling Whiskey Company’s search for new and interesting tastes a new category of whiskey was born – Hybrid Malt whiskey. The offspring from marrying award winning aged Malt whiskies from around the world creates a fusion of styles and flavours which delivers a truly unique taste experience. Bottled at cask strength with no chill filtration or colouring added, Hybrid Malt Whiskey is for connoisseurs who can see beyond the norm.
Jack Teeling, Managing Director of the Teeling Whiskey Company, commented, “We set up the Teeling Whiskey Company to ensure that there was an independent alternative to the multinationals who are currently driving the category. We will focus on innovation and providing choice and unique whiskey expressions for whiskey connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.
The Hybrid is a prime example of our approach to product and category innovation. It is a fusion of styles and flavours which delivers a truly unique taste experience. Over the coming months the Teeling Whiskey Company will release a range of other products that will further expand consumer choice and challenge existing perceptions of Irish whiskey.”
Edition No.1 of the Hybrid Malt Whiskey consists of award winning Single Malt whiskey from Cooley Distillery in Ireland and 10 Year Old Single Malt whisky from Bruicladdich in Scotland which has been married together in oak barrels for 8 years. The Hybrid Malt Whiskey is bottled at cask strength at 44.1% Alc/Vol with no chill filtration or colouring added. Edition No.1 will be limited to just 1,200 70cl bottles.

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